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 This is an article world famous astrologer Michael Lutin wrote at the beginning of the year.  Visit him on the web at:

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At a time when he is trapped in the White house, all alone and more paranoid than ever, President George Bush, born under the sign of Cancer, is getting it from all sides, and it’s all because Pluto is about to enter the sign of Capricorn. Despite his bravado, which some people call a defensive, adolescent swagger, he feels pretty lousy. He can’t trust anybody. Not even his mother. (In fact, his relationship with her is probably the real reason we’re in Iraq, but that’s another story.) A lot of people blame him for everything. Others don’t believe it’s his fault at all. They swear the end is near.
Is it the end of the world? New Age kooks citing the end of the Mayan calendar and Fundamentalist nuts everywhere think so. Astrologers, however, know better. They know that the planets Uranus and Pluto are kicking up quite a storm that is sure to upset all the people who are waiting for gas prices to go down and the dollar to go up. America in the old days.


Not gonna happen. Oh, we’ll never go totally broke. You have to remember that we can and will always pull it out at the last minute, thanks to the fact that we have such a strong Venus and Jupiter in the United States astrological chart. And yes, nations have horoscopes, too.


In spite of all our ethnic and social differences, as Americans we all have common ties, traditions and memories we share, from too much turkey on Thanksgiving to barbecue blowouts on the Fourth. To understand what is happening in America politically, culturally and socially, we can’t simply wave the Stars and Stripes. We have to turn to the planets and signs of the Zodiac, Cancer and Capricorn being the two prominent ones. Just as each individual begins his or her path in life at the moment of birth, separated from the protection of the mother’s womb, nations, too, have their particular cosmic identity, set in motion at the time of their “birth”, or independence. When was the United States “born”? Astrologer tend to agree to disagree on that point, but most of us believe it happened on July 4th, 1776 in Philadelphia. That is the moment when our Founding Fathers decided it was time to separate from the protective wing of Mother England and become and independent entity. Right smack during the period when the Sun is in the Sign of Cancer, and that makes America a Cancer nation.


Naturally not every person born or living here was born under the sign of Cancer. We’ve all got genetic, racial, religious and cultural differences. Collectively, however, we all fall under the sign of the country we live in, love-it-or-leave-it wise.


Everyone knows that Cancers are known as gentle, God-fearing folk, but we do have get over the notion that they run around dishing out free vanilla ice cream churned from their own breast. IN many ways, though, the USA fits perfectly in the Cancerian pattern. Cancer is the sign of fertility and Mother Nature, which certainly could account for all those amber waves of grain (potential carbos) we’ve been singing about since grade school. And go read the inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty without sobbing and thinking of your own ancestors in their babushkas, or Mama herself, timing her own apple pie from scratch to come out of the oven just as you walk in the house on a snowy day. She’s a ferociously protective mother, cancer is, and she’ll love you forever as long as you never try to break away and make it on your own. That is the cancer hangup. They want you hanging on. They resent the hell out of you when you do.
The USA sees herself as the world’s mother, and as for that whole nurturing thing, yeah, but with such a hostile wide conjunction of Mars and Uranus in our solar twelfth house, we’ll bomb the hell out of somebody one day, then send over sandwiches and coffee the next. So we DO feed people. Because we are the world’s mother, they love us and they hate us. We’ve always been like the rich relative everybody is jealous of but still goes to her house for the holidays because she’s always got meat, cakes rhubarb, corn and Cornish hens up the wazoo. It is the sincere and conscious wish of every Cancer, however, including the USA, to make sure that all those under their wing are safe, and if you mess with them, God help you, here come the Special Forces.


Security and home are primal drives of this sign. America is and has always been about real estate. It is and has always been business about property, taxes and land ownership. We’re always trying to forget that fat that when the early settlers arrived, they took one look around and said to the Indians, “What a gorgeous place you’ve got here! Get out!” Territory is everything, and you may think, or be told by people who want you to think, that the essence of the American dream is just about liberty and freedom, but don’t kid yourself. It’s about mortgage rates.


Cancers can be horribly clannish, and as Americans we are conflicted between welcoming the tired and the poor on the one hand, then looking down on the immigrant slobs who come over here looking like they need a good shower, to take jobs away from decent folks. When our way of life is jeopardized in any way, we can be dangerous. When personal comfort has more value than diligence and morality, we become lazy and greedy, and lay ourselves open to attack on every side. If anyone ever tries to make us think we are not in control, prepare for armed conflict, because then we are as scary as a Mama Bear when somebody screws with the porridge.


Of course we have a higher side as well. In our highly evolved state, Cancer is the essence of prosperity and abundance. WE welcome all. E have faith in our ability to produce quality goods and services, and we can afford to be generous, because we know that we have for some reason (our Venus and Jupiter) been blessed by a bountiful Universe.


By and large, though, we are a live and let live bunch, much more generous and kind that the aggressive marauders we are often depicted as.
But…are we classic imperialists doomed to be brought down by our own degenerate culture? That is exactly what Pluto’s transit through the sign of Capricorn is going to reveal over the next nineteen years. It is this coming transit of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn that will at first challenge us as we have never been challenged before (it will seem as if the whole world is against us), but it will also reveal the secret to changing the Fate of the USA.We’re not just cancers, though. The sign of Capricorn has always been strong in the United States horoscopes, and it’s about to get a lot stronger. In fact, we were born with Pluto in Capricorn, and now, after 250 years, it’s coming back to the same place. The seeds that were sewn back in the 1770’s are sprouting at last in the twenty-first century. That’s how Pluto works. Over hundreds of years.



my highlighting:  A word about Pluto.
Apparently it has recently been demoted by a vote of some astronomers. Certain scientists say it’s no longer a planet., but go tell that to any Sadge who’s been to hell and back over the last ten years, thanks to the passage of Pluto through Sagittarius. The power of that little dwarf is so profound and catastrophic, but eventually transformational , it doesn’t matter at all what you call that little son of a bitch three billion miles away. It’s a killer. And oddly, a healer, too. Whenever Pluto moves into a sign it first creates a potentially lethal danger, threatens to wipe you out totally and devastate you emotionally and physically, and lets you know with no subtlety at all that whatever you were doing before you are no longer doing. However you were conducting business or personal life to that point is over. End of story. No looking back. It can send you into a state of fear and resistance, because the darkness with which it surrounds you gives you no hint, no preview or knowledge or hope of what lies ahead. It shuts you down, boom. In a word or two, it can be fuckin’ scary.


When you come out of a Pluto transit you are different, changed, transformed forever. IN another state. Reluctant caterpillar has become butterfly. Pluto rules over resurrection in the realist sense. Of course it doesn’t feel like that when it’s happening. With Pluto you can’t look ahead. You can’t be impatient. Most of all, you can’t be afraid, mainly because in the end there is nothing to fear. You just have to cope with the unknown and the darkness, and just surrender to the mysterious process of complete and total transformation. This is about to happen to the United States as we all deal with an opposition of Pluto in the sign of Capricorn to our Cancer Sun. Because of Pluto’s slow motion through the heavens (it takes nearly 250 years to go through all twelve signs of the Zodiac), it rules over mass movements and great political and social changes. It is useful to look at what happened the last time Pluto passed over the position it holds now and will hold for the next twenty years.


Sometime in the 1760’s, various papers and pamphlets began to be circulated, exploring new ideologies and belief systems concerning individual liberty and personal freedom. Harmless enough. Just philosophers spouting off rehashed versions of ancient greek and roman notions about human beings and the rights they are born with. Nothing new. Nothing weird. Nothing threatening. There was an exciting buzz among many colonists. The Crown over in England looked upon such doings as seditious. England was in no mood to tolerate disobedient foolishness.


Some of the colonists on this side of the Atlantic had long since forgotten that they themselves had been intruders and invaders. They probably already began losing their English accents and were probably already treating newcomers like slaves. Mother England, the womb from which they had once fled, was now a Great Protector. Somehow, however, the Great Protector was beginning to be a Great Drag. She wanted payback. The colonists certainly liked it when England sent soldiers and money to fight off those dreadful redskins, who, by the way, had teamed up with those dreadful French people, and actually tried to steal control over land which, get this, they believed actually rightfully belonged to them! This is the point at which the colonists, beginning now to exhibit the collective traits of their soon-to-be-born Cancer nation, started resenting their dependence on their mother and their mother’s hold on them. In fact, she was getting a little too bossy. And greedy. Scary even. After all, the early settlers had been turning to dust now for a couple of centuries. And the colonists themselves, who had tilled the soil, shod the horses, built their own towns, looked around and said, “Hey! This place is a gold mine! And there’s so freakin’ much of i!” They looked across this great uncharted land, not even dreaming yet of Los Angeles or Disneyland or Wal-Mart, but instinctively, Cancers that they already were, they knew what fabulous potential lay before them.


All of a sudden the Protector became the tyrant. Their source of safety and security they now looked upon as a militaristic force of repression, an invader all duded up in a red uniform. At this point those awful French people start to smell kind of nice again, and this was long before Chanel Number Five.
Something was happening up in the heavens. It was happening in the sign of Capricorn. A transformation was taking place. The British government that had once nurtured the fledgling nation now appeared to the colonists like a slathering old dinosaur, slurping and licking its chops over the enormous booty that was America. In astrology we say that that is the influence of Pluto, a body many scientists don’t even consider a planet, although astrologers who have observed the effects of this body know all too well what it can do. It can scare the hell out of you. That’s what it can do. You can wake up one morning with your neck in a brace and no feeling in your toes just because you refused to play ball. That kind of thing.


For a reason they could not know or understand, the colonists over here in the New World were starting to get spooked. England was getting scary. They took it for a long time, however, since most people didn’t want to start a big hassle, and besides, with few resources at hand (they weren’t a war machine) how would they ever fight City Hall?


The issue of patriotism arose, big time. Who were the real patriots now? Those who sided with the Crown? Or the landowners and businessmen who were actually doing the work and running the place? They were the ones who considered themselves to be the true patriots just by opposing England’s domination. They favored separation. The thirteen colonies were split on the issue.


Then, on July 4th 1776 came the culmination of the controversy: The cord had to be severed. The domination had become intolerable. The economic consequences had become intolerable. Culturally the connections had been lost. Sensing discontentment, Mother clung and clutched, further oppressing the people it had once protected. After all, she wasn’t going to give up such vast wealth easily. Not to mention the power. The system designed to support the New World was choking it, suppressing its natural growth. It no longer watched over it. Now it watched it, on the lookout fo insubordination and insurrection.
Not only did the colonists fear that their money and property were now in jeopardy from the greedy but distant rulers, but their rights were being infringed upon. They wanted out.


After all, they had lived so long in peace and harmony, growing rich crops, employing slaves and burning witches, the last thing they needed was a government that had lost touch with the people who were paying to keep it going, to intrude and invade upon what they considered their inalienable rights as individuals. All the Locke and Rousseau business, you know. So, on July 4th 1776, America, the United States of America, was born.


Odd as it may seem, something similar is happening again, just when Pluto is coming round to the same spot. . After two hundred and some odd years, Bingo. Pluto goes around the Zodiac, and whaddaya know, the same thing seems to be happening, only this time, it’s the US government putting the squeeze on the people. A Pluto-style transformation doesn’t happen overnight. The greatest long term political and social changes occur over long periods of time. Events that seem random and explosive don’t really come out of nowhere. They have been brewing and simmering for years. It is hard, therefore, to pinpoint exact dates down to the hour when things are going to happen, mainly because cycles overlap one upon the other. While many people will probably be a nervous wreck during the turbulent years that lie ahead, old hippies will be digging out their star-studded vests and coming out of retirement, thankful that the Revolution they had quite their jobs for forty years ago, may finally be happening. And all their kids, the ones born in the mid sixties? The ones who made fun of and were embarrassed by their hippie parents? They will be shocked to see how right their parents may have been.


When Pluto goes direct in September of this year, the religious zeal/paranoia/madness that has taken hold since it entered Sagittarius in 1994 will reach a giant crescendo, ushering in a twenty year period dominated by the sign of Capricorn. This is the age of the ascendance of what many people call the “right wing conspiracy”. . Over the next nineteen years America as a Cancer nation will have to deal with inevitable confrontations and competition such as it has never known as well as an internal political struggle that will shake us to our very core.


Capricorn is the necessary conservative element that sometimes makes us seem like a bunch of cheapskate exploiting elitists. Here is an unfortunate but all too common Capricorn stereotype: The mustache-twirling landlord in a black cloak pointing outside toward the blizzard while a poor pregnant wretch begs for mercy. Capricorn that forces one to grow up, face life, recognize it’s a tough world, and, if you’re going to play with the Always remember that Capricorn is not only the conservative element but a necessary component of any business. So beyond the tears flowing down our cheeks as we pass by Lady Liberty in the Hudson river, God Bless America, and images of nice, normal families barbecuing in the back yard on Independence Day ,, AMERCIA IS A BUSINESS.Big business. And the presence of Capricorn always indicates Big Business.


Capricorn is the supremacy over struggle, the old-fashioned way. You want to be a star, kid? Work for it. Start out in the mail room and become a CEO. It’s a can of Campbell’s soup when it was just an idea in somebody’s little kitchen, long before it became a priceless Andy Warhol painting It is all the corny stories of how Aunt Jemima became Aunt Jemima.


So maybe it’s not the most humanitarian Sign of the Zodiac. It believes more in progress than in allowing Nature to rule. That’s why it’s more interested in the production of cosmetics than cruelty to rabbits wearing lipstick. Capricorn supports organized society, not rabble-rousing anarchy. It is often perceived as uptight and reactionary, mainly because its function is to uphold existing law. It is not progressive or forward- thinking in its attitudes and measures. It is not merely a belief in maintaining the System.


It IS the System.


No wonder it represents the streak of deep conservatism that has always existed in the United States but seems to be surfacing only now. This is the backbone of the American spirit. It is one of the primal driving forces that allows each person the luxury of pursuing the illusion that success is his or her divine right as a member of the American society.


If Capricorn is dedicated conceived to the proposition that only the status quo is good, right and moral, then what’s the dish and how could it have sewn the seeds of revolution for the United States? Ah, but that’s exactly the problem. It is not just the presence of Capricorn in the United States horoscope. It was the presence of the planet Pluto in that sign that actually let do and finally sparked the Revolution back in 1776.


Throughout the next nineteen years, if you think things are tough and tight now, and privacy and personal liberties are being infringed upon, just wait. Things are going to get much tighter. Controls and laws will become more stringent. Surveillance will be everywhere. Pluto in Capricorn will demand conformity, born out of fear that different is dangerous. The words patriot and treason (or terrorism) will lose their meaning, and in some cases will become interchangeable, mainly because what is treason to one person will become patriotism to another, just as it did back in the 1760’s and 70’s. As far as Capricorns themselves, the highly evolved will accept their position of power with pride and grace, grateful to be acknowledged for their wisdom and expertise. The piggy ones will grab everything they can get their hands on, closet fascists that they’ve always been . The mood will become darker, and way more conservative. It ‘s not going to be a matter of Democrat or Republican any more, the new ideologies are going to bleed across all party lines. You who is going to love all this? Sean Hannity, and you’re going to hear a lot more from him. He’s a Capricorn, as Anne Coulter’s fifteen minutes are finally and mercifully coming to an end. Capricorns are coming into power. You’re even going to hear from Mel Gibson, like it or not. The mood is going to be somber and for a while it will look as if the Conservatives have conquered the wicked liberals at last. The “right wing conspiracy” will shake their fingers and say, “I told you so.”


But not so fast, Right Wing Conspiracy. Something else is going on at the same time.


While all this is happening, the planet Uranus is coming to the end of the sign of Pisces, and sometime during 2010-11, the dam is going to break. Until then, a paralyzing passivity seems to take hold of many people. Many individuals are going to accept what they perceive to be the inevitable. When Uranus is in the sign of Pisces, it is reach the end of the zodiac. The last time it was here was at the end of the nineteen 20’s. When Uranus comes to these last degrees of Pisces, it is in a sene an ending of an era, and some people believe, the end of the world. They figure, “Aw the hell with it. I’m going to die anyway, so screw the diabetes, gimme a martini”. In many ways the apocalyptic feelings gives rise to the desire to hasten it. Fundamentalist religious kooks really and truly believe the end is near, so they go around urging everyone to repent, which usually means convert to their way of thinking.


As we move closer to the time when Uranus comes to the end of Pisces, people move all their chips onto the table. Stakes get higher. Lots of folks get really crazier, accepting whatever seems to be presented to them, politically and otherwise. (Aside: The USA began the war in Iraq when the Un was at the end of Pisces, a perfectly moronic time to start anything.)


Metaphorically, socially and culturally, and sometimes even literally, Uranus at the end of Pisces can be a torrential rain that seems to come out of nowhere, like a dam breaking. It is a dam breaking, because Uranus at the end of Pisces is all hell breaking loose. It’s all the chickens coming home to roost at the same time. Everything that has been piled up and swept under the rug comes spilling out. To the apocalypticos, it will seem like the wrath of God, because lots of people are going to be headed toward self-indulgence, turning up the music and dancing, much like what went on in the USA during the 1920’s. Others, however, will be on their knees praying they will be saved when the space ship comes.


But no space ship is coming. Neither is Jesus. Or Allah. If that scares you to hear, you’d better get God or at least a bigger perspective on life and be able to see the bigger picture, because when Uranus hits the twenty-ninth degree os Pisces, and then pops into Aries, even the Pope could have a stroke over the upheaval the world will find itself in. Unforeseen events will flood the world. Is it the result of global warming? Astrologers all say Uranus in n Pisces is an overwhelming amount of water, but sometimes these things do not work out literally. What is certain, however, is that a complete social upheaval. This will drive the fear mongers up the wall and make the Conservatives know they were right to gather their nuts for the coming storm.


Uranus in Pisces washes everything away–every hope, every prayer, the only thing that saves you is the ability to surrender to the inevitable shift and change. When Uranus hits Aries, however, a whole segment of the population is going to fight back, even the trend of, the transit of Pluto in Capricorn is strictly conservative, straight down the line. The ensuing struggle will lead to the eventual transformation and rebirth of America.


In the horoscope of America, the transit of Pluto in Capricorn, which lasts roughly from the fall of 207 to the spring of 2026, is a celestial phenomenon astrologers call the Pluto return. It signifies the return of a planet to a place it originally held.


Pluto in Capricorn is going to change America from inside out, threaten our very existence, challenge our economy and divide the politics of our country, splintering the parties. The “government” is going to be so paranoid during these years that it doesn’t really matter who get in 2008. When Uranus enters Aries after coming out of Pisces, it’s going to be the sixties all over again. Right straight through the mid teens, the square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn will create the seeds of revolution everywhere. Forces of repression are going to try to clamp down even harder on those who want to speak their mind. The most compelling and trying time will be while this square is at its fullest in the mid teens.


Pluto in Capricorn is the ascendance into overt power of the corporations,( not that they haven’t already been running things), but trying during this transit when their power to decide the policies of government will be greatest, only to be eventually overthrown when Pluto enters Aquarius at the end of the 2020’s.
No matter how hard the government tries to suppress freedom of expression and turn the minds of the people against those who wish to speak their mind, the passage of Uranus into Aries in 2009-10.will bring about an explosive backlash from the people who perceive the government to be no longer a force of protection, but one of repression. People will fight back. History will now be repeating itself from the time the colonists gave England the finger.


Do not don’t expect the nineteen fifties to return any time soon. The period of turbulence that lies before us all in America is not God’s wrath or the work of evil radical Muslims, and has nothing to do with the hole in the ozone layer. It is a necessary step in the evolution of the USA, which will result in the reworking of the Constitution in the last half of the 20’s. The greatest time of upheaval will be between 2015 and 2019 when the Uranus Pluto square is most active. The conspiracy theorists will be in pig heaven, because everything they predicted would happen will be happening.


The irony of the Capricorn Conspiracy is that it is not a conspiracy at all. Pluto in Capricorn ,while it is an absolutely rigid regime which demands conformity, is the need to maintain order in a time of chaos. The more resistance to government ‘protection” (read intervention and control0 the more “protection” the government will try to provide. Uranus in Aries is the symbol of rebellion against such protection, mainly because that faction of individuals will be ferociously dedicated to fighting anything and everything that impede unbridled, personal liberty. This is going to be a period of civil unrest to the max.


When government becomes business and business becomes government, the people revolt. Think back to the American revolution, though–the last time Pluto was in this position. What do you think was behind the whole push for democracy? Money, taxes and land ownership. It was always business
Finally in 2023-25 the final stages of the Pluto return and the “Capricorn Conspiracy” reaches a climax. It has been said among many astrologers that an empire lasts no longer than one Pluto cycle, and by 2025, our Pluto cycle will be played out.


Whether you want to define American history as imperialist or not, we have surpassed Athens, Rome, England and France in world expansion. Some have seen it has hubris and domination, but no matter how you look at it, the American experiment has led the world in art, technology and business since it began its conquering the North American continent. Love it or hate it, living in America is a trip and a half. What a blast to do anything you fucking want and get rich at it. Yeah, we’re fat, and yeah, we think we’re so great,, and we are. Well, we were.


It’s over now. A Pluto cycle draws our empire into its rococo phase. Just as England had to face its decline when the fledgling USA took over, now it may be our turn. The Pluto return of 2025 will demand a redefinition of the United States, It is the ultimate identity crisis as we have to put ourselves on the line, once again, as we did two hundred and fifty years ago, for what we believe to be the most ballsy experiment ever undertaken by a bunch of lunatics living together. The authorities we have chosen to guide us have to be challenged. They aren’t going to like that and they are going to g et scary. They must be confronted and eventually overthrown as a new United States crawls out of the womb of the old. This is going to happen, so get into it. The Constitution will have to be reworked, reworded and rewritten, to include omen if for no other reason.


But it’s the whole underpinning of what democracy is supposed to mean that will force all the old ways to crumble, and it won’t be pretty. Revolutions often end up to institute regimes uglier than the ones they overthrow. But a Pluto transit has not interest in allowing us to continue the practices of the past, no matter how resistant the government is to change and no matter how uncomfortable it makes everybody.
What is about to happen is a permanent change that will mark the rebirth of the United State as a more global nation, a member of the world, if not the leader of the world. This is a very threatening challenge to all the notions of land ownership, food, security and wealth our Cancer nation has enjoyed for over two hundred years.
The whole world is looking at us, confronting us, all the time we are trying to cope with an internal upheaval such as we haven’t seen since the days of the Civil Way.
The dollar is not coming back to its post-WII strength. The Euro and other international currencies will reject our exploitation, and demand instead our cooperation. Fortunately for us, the horoscope of the USA has such a strong Venus and Jupiter, we’ll never really go totally broke, but we will have to play ball with the rest of the planet Earth as we have never had to do before. From now on we will have to cooperate, and that is that.

The events of the next nineteen or so years will give us a chance to continue to be generous but not something. We have the power to be inspired leaders as well as reactionary dictators. A mode for the world to look to, or a parody of clannish zealotry.


In the coming years you have to remember there’s no blame here. We’ve led ourselves to this crisis. It was always a combination of individual freedom and economic gain, That’s why no matter who much they hate us, they come over here to run convenience stores and drive cabs, because this is still a phenomenal place to plop yourself down and do whatever you want to do and make money at it. taking responsibility for our own sloth and greed and not blaming it on either party means being grown up and not demonizing others, our own citizens and foreigners alike who disagree with our way of thinking.


You’ve got to have faith in this crazy system of ours. The battle between the
Conservatives and the Liberals will go on and on. And while it will seem for a long while that the balance has been tipped and the red States have won, always remember that the pendulum will swing back again and again, back and forth You can’t give up on the USA just because we’ve made assholes of ourselves in front of the whole world. Don’t blame the people in Washington. A country always gets the leaders it deserves, and when we’re ready to rise from the ashes of a fallen empire, we will find the leaders to help us do so. It will happen. Just not in 2008. 







Imagine you’re having a lovely dream. Just when you’re getting comfortable in that bizarre dimension, the alarm clock goes off. The telephone rings. Light peeks through your window. You squeeze your eyes shut, pull the covers over your head.

No matter how hard you try, eventually you get the joke. The dream is over.

That is exactly the vibration this year as Pluto moves into Capricorn, back into Sadge in June, and then, finally in November, into Capricorn for the next fifteen years.

Pluto rules magic.  Real magic.  Not Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother or Hogwarts kind of magic.  But real magic: the kind that turns a wispy seed into a giant redwood tree, or a gleam in a couple’s eye over a glass of champagne into a beautiful bouncing baby.  It can be scary, though, even devastating to those who resist inevitable no-turning back transformation. The blessings Pluto brings are often so well disguised that it takes several years after the transit to comprehend its impact, meaning and great purpose in your life.

Pluto comes along and Whammmo! Whatever you were doing you are not doing any more. At first you pretend it’s not happening.  It’s like a knock at the door you refuse to answer.  Eventually, however, Pluto plows through your reality, transforming your life. That’s why it is always to your advantage to participate fully in all the changes that in time will spark tremendous growth in you mentally, emotionally and spiritually, wherever it happens to fall in your astrological chart.

It’s a reality check, a wake up call, all right, a message from the Universe asking you to get hip to exactly what you’re here for, and what you have to do if you want to do what you want to do. It’s the day job we’d love to escape, the diet we tell ourselves we’ll start tomorrow. Well, in 2008, tomorrow is today.

Adjusting to change is never easy, especially if it’s enforced, and it’s always a shock when you have to narrow your options, stick to responsibilities or accept a more centered, committed reality. Coming down to Earth always brings many long term rewards, but it takes disciplineto stay cool.

Maybe you’ve been able to speed by crisis after crisis by the skin of your teeth and come out of any trauma or threat completely unscathed. Is it denial? Well, sure, it’s denial, but where would we be without it? Where would we be if nobody defied the odds and believed what the shivering, fearful naysayers warned? If we cowered in terror at all the predictions of doomsday, would we dare to move forward?

There is, however, always a moment when the clock rings, just as we are at our coziest. No more cozy. Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn wakes us u p to the pattern of attachment you never really seem to break, mainly because no matter how you fear the abandonment and pain that accompanies attachment, you cannot avoid the temptation of becoming attached–to a job, a person, your home, your income, your family or whatever else it is you chase after until you have it, then dread losing it (when you’re not wishing you could get rid of it).Because of the major shifts in relationships coming to everyone in the 2008, we have decided to dedicate our latest message to the source of all these changes: Pluto wobbling from Sagittarius and into Capricorn.

We wish you all the best luck in 2008 and beyond.

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Scientology is Gay

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I used to get so mad at my dad because I knew he knew lots of Latin (he was terribly learned) but he couldn’t tell me the simplest phrases I read in an elevator one day. Now I understand. I know French, Latin, Russian and German but miss whole clumps of it when it’s out of my subject interest area.

I have a Stellium in the 9th house . I always had to know EVERYTHING!!!

I used to get so mad at my mom because she never spread the butter on my toast. She just put down clumps of hard butter which sort of melted but sort of didn’t. Now I understand. I was watching a woman make my sandwich at Subs and all I could think of was how she wasn’t doing it “just right”!! I must have a thing about this.

I have Mars in Virgo …. picky, picky, picky.

I think I make the best scrambled eggs because they are absoluitely perfectly soft and fluffy with no annoying little chuncks of dark egg or yuchy whites not blended in and my chicken salad is supreme because I use only perfect little hand cut chunks of white meat and no gristle or weird stuff escapes my eagle eye.

Leo says, “Be Honorable”

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From Elizabeth Cook’s book Achilles.

“You would not think him helpless to look at him. He stands apart with Patroclus, his beloved through all eternity, and Patroclus – who loves Achilles but no so much as he is loved – waits for Achilles to move. His deference to Achilles is different from that of the others. They honour and respect him, keep a wise distance, because Achilles was better than all the rest. Better at being human. Fighting, singing, speaking, raging (oh, he is good at that still). Killing. But Patroclus alone is humbled by Achilles’ love. Only a fool thinks that to be more loved than loving gives power. Only a fool vaunts it and displays his own littleness by bragging to his friends and making capricious demands of his lover. Patroclus isn’t a fool. He knows that he is less than Achilles even in this. Humbled by the immensity of Achilles’ love he loves him back with all his large, though lesser, heart.”

Share the Humanity

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My friend Kara, the good will ambassador, with the Cherokee tribe in Tennessee.

Pluto Enters Capricorn – Beyond the Nevers

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Pluto Nears Capricorn – Beyond the Nevers!

Have you noticed all the deaths and near deaths since 2008 began? As Pluto nears Capricorn, people have the choice whether they want to move into the next PLuto cycle with or without a physical body. The next Pluto cycle is for 16 years.

The last Pluto cycle has gone from 1995 to 2008. Can you summarize your issues of this cycle?

My extremely gifted and troubled nephew came to stay with me in 1995. His subsequent decline and demise has preoccupied the next 13 years as I tried to suppport my grief stricken sister in getting her life back together again with any spare time, energy and resoures I had. She’s on her feet now and that era has come to an end.

From my clients I’ve heard of 5 family pets put down, several sudden and unexpected widowers, elderly parents crossing over and a few real tragedies perhaps better understood as karmic choices regarding the next Pluto cycle.

Pluto demands transformation. It’s up to you whether you do it in or out of your body. Be conscious. It’s your choce.

In the world, interest is shifting from the Arab countries and terrorism to Russia, China, SPain, trade agreements, figuring these countries out for the future and sharing scarce resources.

The family is also important, not necessarily individual families but the concept of family and its place in the social hierarchy. Traditionally in all cultures family structure is the model for all of society. It is believed that a country is only as healthy as its nuclear families. This is a truism since the dogma is imposed on families from governments and religions to prevent choas and revolution. But it is essentially true and we’ll be hearing a lot about families and especially how important fathers are in the years ahead. Brad Pitt was definitely the harbinger of this energy. His chart is quite Capricon and Angie’s has a lot of Cancer quality. In other words, mom and pop!

I have also heard about an inordinate number of births and marriages, particulaly in cases where you never would have expected it! Pluto takes you beyond the nevers and into things you would not have believed possible.

Max Mosley

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Max Mosley\'s Chart

Max Mosley's Chart

We don’t have Max Mosley’s time of birth, just the date and place. Pluto has been oppposing Mosley’s natal Moon at 27 Gemini perhaps portending the loss of things most precious to him.

Photograph taken by from wiikimedia.commons.

Britisher Max Mosley, a Formula 1 racecar mogul, was taped having an allegedly Nazi-style sadomasochistic interaction with five paid prostitutes. It came as news to his wife of 48 years and to two grown sons when it appeared in a headline on a British tabloid. A video of the event was also put on youtube.

Mosley, who has Saturn in Aries, sued the tabloid and has been presenting arguments as to why its publishing this material is an inappropriate invasion of privacy. In a departure under British law he is asking for punitive damages. He has cited the “devastating” effect on his wife and the attempted ruin of his own life (and career). He hopes to deter other tabloids in the future.

Mosley is mounting what could be called a Crusade in an area that has long begged to be cleaned up. We keep visiting sex lives of public officials with a mixture of glee and apology. We seem to feel in America and Britain that their lives should be exemplary. But there has always been controversy as to how a man’s personal life should be accounted for. Walk briefly back in time as shortly as to Jack Kennedy’s presidency where his mutiple liaisons were never mentioned by the press. There was an understanding. Recently President Sarkozy of France stalked out on an American interviewee who tried to get into his personal life with him. Someone recently comoented, “the French and Spanish do’nt have sex scandals”. Ths is the province of the uptight Brits and Puritanical Americans.

Further this essentially a dialogue between men and perhaps a vendetta brought it about as one suspects with Eliot Spitzer as well.

That this adventure comes to light under a Mars/Saturn transit is no coincidence. Aries and Capricorn, Mars and Saturn, energy means a fight among men. I feel at the root of Mosley’s struggle is his relationship with his father, an infamous British fascist and friend of Adolph Hiter. Because of his father, Mosley could not entertain thoughts of a career in politics as he might have wished. With Saturn in Aries, Mosley’s anger and frustration at his father must have been epic in proportion. Here he is at 68 defendig himself from accusations of being a Nazi sympathizer just like his father so many years before. He has taken a wildly circuitous route and wound up with the same fate. This is really a story of the “sins of the fathers”.

I hope he wins his case and I admire him for fighting.

INFP – Do You Identify?

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Nancy, I really appreciated your article about the intensity of INFs. I admit, as I began reading the article I was a little skeptical of your classifying INFPs as having the same degree of intensity as INFJs. My sister is an INFJ and growing up I always saw her as the most individual, opinionated, and intense person I knew. Me, I wasn’t intense, I was ‘helpful.’’

Being an INFP, my existence has always been based making those around me happy. Growing up I was always the peace-maker/mediator/interpreter in the family. My sister used to jokingly refer to me as the ‘multi-continent plug adapter’ (as well as calling me ‘mother’ in the most spiteful voice she could). I couldn’t help it, I was the happiest and most comfortable when the waters were still and everyone around me was happy. But growing up I retained a convoluted view ‘normal.’

Though neither of my parents intended to give me such an idea, I somehow came under the impression that being an introvert was not a good thing. Based on too little information, and the tone and connotations of the words they would use I somehow believed that every person was extroverted and that introversion was a voluntary-and quite selfish-form of behavior. Though my mother (who somehow seems to be on the borderline of extrovert and introvert) tried very hard to understand each of us and our individuality, I can remember being admonished to ‘go make some friends.’ I often heard things like ‘hang out with people your own age’ and ‘don’t be afraid to speak up.’ Instead I resisted initiating contact, avoided confrontation, and stayed in corners with my library book while the noisy kids I was supposed to get along with (we were the same age after all, why not?) ran around and played stupid games where someone won and someone lost. The conclusion drawn from my behavior was that I was ‘anti-social,’ possible because I was very fearful. And of course knowing that people thought such a thing -to them an unhappy and concerning thing- I further withdrew my true self inside and, without even realizing it, slowly became everything to everyone.

To make a long story short, after several years of striving to keep peace, being the perfect kid who did everything right, and working a very extroverted job in a highly energetic atmosphere (I can actually make myself a very good extrovert, provided I feel I have the upper hand) full-time in the beginning of college, I crashed-big time. The past couple of years I have been struggling with health issues, mainly muscle weakness and a lack of energy, and possibly have an autoimmune disease (all the signs point to Addison’s). After reading most of your articles about introverts I am not surprised. I have never been the kid who shut the door or asked to be left alone. And I had terrible self-esteem.

But in a way this illness has been a gift. I have had a good deal of alone-time in the past couple of years, something I never sought out before. The effect has been amazing. I’m discovering that there is a lot about me that I never acknowledged, explored, or even knew about. And more than that, I’m coming to a place where I actually like it all. I’m fascinated and enthralled by who I am. And believe me, that has never happened before. But back to your assertions about intensity.

I’ve never thought of myself as being intense because I was always the calm, quiet one. My sister, the INFJ, never pretended to be anything but herself (despite much opposition), which made her intensity visible. And I was always under the impression that the only ‘you’ that counted was the visible ‘you.’ But suddenly I’m discovering that the inside of me is deep -very, very deep. And that it is a good thing, even an amazing thing. My intensity is there; I think, I see, I imagine, I feel -god, how I feel- it’s just way down, deep inside. It isn’t flashy or colorful or eye-catching. It is quiet, it is profound, it carefully slips in the back door, latches on, and never lets go. Yes, I am very intense.

I hadn’t fully formulated my thoughts when I decided to write this so I had no idea I’d end up spilling quite so much. I apologize for the length. It seems that once I find someone who at least semi-understands me (and of course views it all in a positive light) I tend to forget when to stop. 😛 Thanks so much for your website, it has been invaluable.

-J (female, age 22)

Tools of My Trade

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Tools of My Trade

Tools of My Trade