Pluto Enters Capricorn – Beyond the Nevers

Pluto Nears Capricorn – Beyond the Nevers!

Have you noticed all the deaths and near deaths since 2008 began? As Pluto nears Capricorn, people have the choice whether they want to move into the next PLuto cycle with or without a physical body. The next Pluto cycle is for 16 years.

The last Pluto cycle has gone from 1995 to 2008. Can you summarize your issues of this cycle?

My extremely gifted and troubled nephew came to stay with me in 1995. His subsequent decline and demise has preoccupied the next 13 years as I tried to suppport my grief stricken sister in getting her life back together again with any spare time, energy and resoures I had. She’s on her feet now and that era has come to an end.

From my clients I’ve heard of 5 family pets put down, several sudden and unexpected widowers, elderly parents crossing over and a few real tragedies perhaps better understood as karmic choices regarding the next Pluto cycle.

Pluto demands transformation. It’s up to you whether you do it in or out of your body. Be conscious. It’s your choce.

In the world, interest is shifting from the Arab countries and terrorism to Russia, China, SPain, trade agreements, figuring these countries out for the future and sharing scarce resources.

The family is also important, not necessarily individual families but the concept of family and its place in the social hierarchy. Traditionally in all cultures family structure is the model for all of society. It is believed that a country is only as healthy as its nuclear families. This is a truism since the dogma is imposed on families from governments and religions to prevent choas and revolution. But it is essentially true and we’ll be hearing a lot about families and especially how important fathers are in the years ahead. Brad Pitt was definitely the harbinger of this energy. His chart is quite Capricon and Angie’s has a lot of Cancer quality. In other words, mom and pop!

I have also heard about an inordinate number of births and marriages, particulaly in cases where you never would have expected it! Pluto takes you beyond the nevers and into things you would not have believed possible.


~ by nancyfenn on July 11, 2008.

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