Connection between ISTJ or I_TP and Aspergers?

Part of Wikipedia article on Aspergers:

Some professionals contend that, far from being a disease, AS is simply the pathologizing of neurodiversity that should be celebrated, understood and accommodated instead of treated or cured.

Others relate AS to the concept of personality originated by psychiatrist Carl Jung and extended by Myers and Briggs. MacKenzie identified the Jungian personality type ISTJ as the most likely type to exhibit autistic-like behaviors.

[Some have] pointed out similarities between the I and J preferences and ASD, but specifically excluded the whole type ISTJ, while [others] asserted that, “In terms of function pairs, NT is more likely than ST to be seen as having Asperger’s Disorder,” adding, “For whole types, I_TPs appear to be at a greater risk of being diagnosed with Asperger’s Disorder than any other type, especially as children.”


~ by nancyfenn on May 3, 2007.

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