Before I Knew Astrology, I Didn’t Know Myself So Well

I used to get so mad at my dad because I knew he knew lots of Latin (he was terribly learned) but he couldn’t tell me the simplest phrases I read in an elevator one day. Now I understand. I know French, Latin, Russian and German but miss whole clumps of it when it’s out of my subject interest area.

I have a Stellium in the 9th house . I always had to know EVERYTHING!!!

I used to get so mad at my mom because she never spread the butter on my toast. She just put down clumps of hard butter which sort of melted but sort of didn’t. Now I understand. I was watching a woman make my sandwich at Subs and all I could think of was how she wasn’t doing it “just right”!! I must have a thing about this.

I have Mars in Virgo …. picky, picky, picky.

I think I make the best scrambled eggs because they are absoluitely perfectly soft and fluffy with no annoying little chuncks of dark egg or yuchy whites not blended in and my chicken salad is supreme because I use only perfect little hand cut chunks of white meat and no gristle or weird stuff escapes my eagle eye.


~ by nancyfenn on July 13, 2008.

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