Max Mosley

Max Mosley\'s Chart

Max Mosley's Chart

We don’t have Max Mosley’s time of birth, just the date and place. Pluto has been oppposing Mosley’s natal Moon at 27 Gemini perhaps portending the loss of things most precious to him.

Photograph taken by from wiikimedia.commons.

Britisher Max Mosley, a Formula 1 racecar mogul, was taped having an allegedly Nazi-style sadomasochistic interaction with five paid prostitutes. It came as news to his wife of 48 years and to two grown sons when it appeared in a headline on a British tabloid. A video of the event was also put on youtube.

Mosley, who has Saturn in Aries, sued the tabloid and has been presenting arguments as to why its publishing this material is an inappropriate invasion of privacy. In a departure under British law he is asking for punitive damages. He has cited the “devastating” effect on his wife and the attempted ruin of his own life (and career). He hopes to deter other tabloids in the future.

Mosley is mounting what could be called a Crusade in an area that has long begged to be cleaned up. We keep visiting sex lives of public officials with a mixture of glee and apology. We seem to feel in America and Britain that their lives should be exemplary. But there has always been controversy as to how a man’s personal life should be accounted for. Walk briefly back in time as shortly as to Jack Kennedy’s presidency where his mutiple liaisons were never mentioned by the press. There was an understanding. Recently President Sarkozy of France stalked out on an American interviewee who tried to get into his personal life with him. Someone recently comoented, “the French and Spanish do’nt have sex scandals”. Ths is the province of the uptight Brits and Puritanical Americans.

Further this essentially a dialogue between men and perhaps a vendetta brought it about as one suspects with Eliot Spitzer as well.

That this adventure comes to light under a Mars/Saturn transit is no coincidence. Aries and Capricorn, Mars and Saturn, energy means a fight among men. I feel at the root of Mosley’s struggle is his relationship with his father, an infamous British fascist and friend of Adolph Hiter. Because of his father, Mosley could not entertain thoughts of a career in politics as he might have wished. With Saturn in Aries, Mosley’s anger and frustration at his father must have been epic in proportion. Here he is at 68 defendig himself from accusations of being a Nazi sympathizer just like his father so many years before. He has taken a wildly circuitous route and wound up with the same fate. This is really a story of the “sins of the fathers”.

I hope he wins his case and I admire him for fighting.


~ by nancyfenn on July 11, 2008.

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