Luciano Pavarotti

Born: October 12, 1935
in: Modene (Italie)
Sun: 17°46 Libra
Moon: 15°25 Aries
Ascendant: 22°29 Léo
Midheaven: 13°02 Taurus
Chinese Astrology: Wood Pig
Numerology: birthpath 22

Someone asked me today if I knew what sign Pavarotti was, the Maestro.  He was a Libra, a full Moon baby with an Aries Moon. 

It reminded me — I have often wondered what is the basis of Pavarotti’s tremendous appeal.  I meant to explore this is an article sometime. 

Pavarotti’s extraordinary  talent got  him to the top but there was more.  Perhaps it is the magnificent Leo Rising – a smile that would light the room.  Perhaps it is the grand nature of Mars in Sagittarius.  I once saw him interviewed regarding his voice cracking at a LaScala performance.  The audience booed.  I think Mike Wallace was interviewing him and questioned, “What about that?  How did you feel?”  Pavarotti gave his huge open grin.  “I deserved it,” he said.  “These people live for opera. They are Italian.  They save up all their money to come to the opera and I failed them.”

Who could possibly resist Pavarotti?  Was it his Sagittarian openness, honesty, and good will — was it his disarming Libran charm — that boyish Aries Moon?

What most thriled me about Pavarotti was the emotion he was capable of expressing in his famous arias.   I found them erotic and transportive.  I think this was hidden in his chart, Mercury in Scorpio, Scorpio at the IC — he was Scorpionic in the depth of his Soul.

The clincher, however, in my opinion, is the Cancer South Node.  At 17 degrees, it hits my eclipse point so of course he grips me karmically, but Cancer is an important feature in stars and celebrities who are loved by everyone to the extent Pavarotti was … because with Cancer someone can touch your emotions.  We love people who can do that.

This is certainly very Cancerian [quoted from astrotheme biography]:  Pavarotti’s rise to stardom was not without occasional difficulties, however. He earned a reputation as “The King of Cancellations” by frequently backing out of performances, and his unreliable nature led to poor relationships with some opera houses. This was brought into focus in 1989 when Ardis Krainik of the Lyric Opera of Chicago severed the house’s 15-year relationship with the tenor., Over an eight-year period, Pavarotti had cancelled 26 out of 41 scheduled appearances at the Lyric and the decisive move by Krainik to ban him for life was well-noted throughout the opera world, after the performer walked away from a season premiere less than two weeks before rehearsals began, saying pain from a sciatic nerve required two months of treatment.

Pavarotti’s North Node was in the 5th house; his South Node in Cancer was in the 11th.  This Cancerian influence also points to his extreme weight, estimated to be 350 lbs.

The overall chart tone is Scorpionic with a heavy Cancerian influence so he comforted and aroused us emotionallly with depth and sincerity.  “We loved you, Maestro!”‘

For a computerized analysis of his chart:


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