Saturn Return for Tim Russert

here is an article that takes a part and rectifies the astrology chart for Tim Russert. Saying he died of an enlarged heart seems symbolic of this greatly loved man.

There is a lot of good Capricorn h ere, a sign I dearly love as my South Node is there. 

All this speculatiion leads to no clear answers because most astrologers miss the obvious.   Russert died at the approach of his second Saturn Return.  This usually means that the issues that came up in a the first Return (28 to 50) remained unresolved to the extent that facing them again 30 years later was unbearably stressful and overwhelming iin prospect.

Despite this attempt at  rectification we don’t have the houses for sure.  However,  Mars/Saturn is a mark of an overbearing father – we know Russert wrote an eulogic book about his father — but one might conjecture with Mars/Saturn in Virgo that no matter how hard he tried he never felt good enough, perfect enough, hard working enough, father enough himself/.  The pressure of that may have become unbearable.

Many choose death at 58-60 rather than face out the unresolved issues of their lives which are usually stored away from the public eye even in private persons.  The Saturn wound is not easy to  heal even when – especially when — everything else is going well.

If you are nearing 58, call for your Saturn Return reading 619.414.7713.


~ by nancyfenn on June 17, 2008.

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