Margaret Loris for Pet Healing

“When my aging cocker spaniel Odie was sideswiped by a vehicle that was backing up in our yard, I was devastated. I could hear her screaming in terror as she tried out from under the car. I grabbed her up and ran to the Vet. We found out she was fine except for a scratch on her inner left leg but she was severely traumatized and very bruised and sore. Odie could not move for two days and was bedridden for several more.

“Margaret came immediately to our assistance and worked across the distance between San Diego and Chicago to calm my dog and myself. She discovered deep sadness in Odie and terror as well. There was also a lot of pain which she was able to remove.

“Between the Vet’s treatment and the distance healing Margaret provided, my Best Friend began to feel more like herself and has recovered extremely well, considering her age and the severity of her trauma. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Margaret and how effective her services were. I recommend her without reservation.

“If God forbid you should ever have a medical problem with your pet, don’t hesitate to call Margaret for distance healing.”

Nancy Worcester
September 1, 2003



~ by nancyfenn on May 1, 2008.

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