From an INTJ – any comments?

I really only read about intjs, it’s rare that I meet one in real life. I find that we all communicate with our intuition, it being the reason we are so quite… because we are busy thinking. It’s nearly painful to be interrupted  when you’re thinking about something important and the interruption is something trivial. Most of the time I just like to lay around, absorbing the atmosphere and letting my ideas trail off onto various topics and thoughts. I find that when I’m half asleep I think the most, my thoughts can get so intense that I fail to sleep. Sometimes when I’m just going about doing nothing, I get this great idea and I walk over to a note pad to spend a few hours writing it down, trying to elaborate upon it. I’ve had lots of ideas, to name a few off the top of my head: Next generation shock wave absorption, an idea on how Artificial General Intelligence could work, different structures in story writing that give more creative power to the writer, and enhance the meaning and quality in characters… virtue, a new lawnmower design that doesn’t use blades. I’ve had many ideas, I could go through my notebook to name all the titles of the ideas I’ve had… I tend to ramble on, what was I talking about?

Nice to see the site of intjs coming together to share who they are. Not that anyone gives a damn, but at least it’s progress. BTW, I was joking, joking.

 I don’t mean to sound delusional by saying this, but I think there is a strong need for those of the intj type to make large groups on the internet for the purpose of focusing our minds on certain goals. I’ve been to a lot of intj forums, I’ve seen would be leaders eventually get disinterested in a project that no one seems to care about and eventually give up.

 The thing is guys, we could revolutionize almost anything. And there are some things that are running rather slow, we could step in and break it down, and then build it back up again. We could do so much, we could help so much, we could change things.

 We could have an assembly, like the Masons, a church, or some other gathering. I have often dreamed of getting rich and reaching out to those who are like myself, to those who are growing up as intjs. I wanted to give them the security of a group, the still comfort of knowing that they are one of the strategic thinkers of human kind. I know and you all know, we are the minority, we are the minds. We have a small voice and a big brain, but we can have a big voice if we wanted to.

 Now I know that most of us viewing this page are of the intj type. But what I don’t know is how much alike we all are. I think ones up-bringing and DNA can make quite a difference, I also think that the intj type can be split up a little further.

 I’m going to tell you people a little about myself: I think all the time, I’m always in my head elaborating on something interesting or some vague thought. When I look at people and hear them speak, I listen obsessively as if they were saying something important. I don’t pay attention to details, I just focus on meaning, direction, tone, eyes, encompassing information, and what just happened. I look for deeper meaning in everything; I can see different ways of controlling information in art that directors in movies and the like do not take into account.

 Now this is far out, but I see underlying systems in esoteric and commonly used ideas. I understand a little bit more about language and underlying meaning in words. People you see, all speak the same language, it’s just that it sounds different. Once you understand how people understand words, not for the words them self but what they mean to the person, and not exactly the definition, but how the person takes them in, you can understand how to manipulate words into structures, specifically designed to stimulate certain information with in the reader, certain sensations, which when felt in unison, convey a specific type of meaning and/or emotion.

 There is power in accuracy! The different types of information we use to go about life, you can bet, are not used to their extent in accuracy. Like the pixels on a TV, to high def, to blocks with colored sides. Accuracy, definition, and elaboration, are powerful tools that can do much more incredible things then most think.

 You people, you have no idea about the things that I have seen. In my sleep, the grandeur, the lore. What I would share with you if I had the ability, and for that matter, what we would all share with each other if we only had the means. What is currently impossible for us to convey through communication shouldn’t long be impossible. Especially not if we bind together and begin fixing the structures of the world. We could do so much, among the first we could fix language. I know that may seem like a joke to a lot of you, but we certainly have the power and we certainly have the brains. What one of us would take a life time to do, 5 of us would run through in 20 years. Just imagine what a few million of us could do? If we make such a name for ourselves. What about 1,000? all working on a project? All of us intjs, all of us able.

 Listen, please. I know that this is just in my head, and yeah, we are powerful IF we could form such a group. I know…

 Just think about the thoughts you have had, every one of you. Think about the dreams you could not tell people because language would not allow it. Think of all the information wasted… Think of the great things that you have known about, think of all the things that we all know about. I personally love people, I only know that I must keep a safe distance or else they will offend me, or try to make me conform. But, I, even an intj, would go to great lengths to make the lives of all people, much better.


~ by nancyfenn on April 21, 2008.

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