Gabriel Byrne’s First Saturn Return

I love the Irish actor Gabriel Byrne on In Treatment.  Look what happened at his first Saturn Return.

[Quoted from wikipedia] 
Byrne worked in archaeology when he left college but maintained his love of his Irish language, writing the first drama in Irish, Draíocht, on Ireland’s national Irish television station, when it began broadcasting in 1996.

He discovered his passion for acting later in his life. Before becoming an actor, Byrne worked at everything from an archaeologist to a cook, to a bullfighter to a Spanish schoolteacher. When he finally found acting aged 29, he began his career on stage with the Focus Theater and the Abbey Theatre in Dublin….


~ by nancyfenn on April 5, 2008.

One Response to “Gabriel Byrne’s First Saturn Return”

  1. Interesting that Byrne’s first Saturn return involved a revolutionary (first drama in Irish) venture in broadcasting. You could say his second Saturn return has basically brought the same thing with In Treatment.
    I have written something about Byrne on my blog:
    Your blog stats are impressive!

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