This Week

One way is to notice that if things are coming at you, there is a possibility you are in denial somewhere. Experiment with that possibility. Stop looking at the other outside of yourself and turn inward. Can you allow yourself to feel your real and possibly cleverly disguised emotions? You may feel irritable just doing this and blame it on a stupid waste of time, but the fact is that irritability is now within you. Why is it there? I consider all of the “darker” emotions like hate, anger and sadness as our emotional guardian angels because they give us a clear signal that something is wrong and that something needs to shift. If one can simply be with those emotions, completely accepting them in a lovingly and unconditional, non judgmental manner, thanking them for their protection, then there is a possibility in that still moment for the insights needed to come through. Our hearts, feelings and emotions are the truest originals of our inner intelligence and understanding, and practicing this when you can is a way to shift either from an imbalanced mental questioning or projection mode to allowing one’s inner wisdom to speak, heal and resolve. The end result is tapping into the peace that never left but was pushed aside.

This is quoted from another astrologer that a client sent me and does not know the source.


~ by nancyfenn on March 15, 2008.

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