RecommendationsI have the greatest clients in the world. Here’s what some of them have to say about moi.

Words cannot adequately express the value of Nancy R. Fenn’s astrological report and follow-up phone session (not to mention emails). When I got the report, I read it through once, then went back and took detailed notes. There is so much valuable content I am still processing it weeks later. Her insights are amazing. Issues that I have grappled with all of my life were suddenly revealed in ways I could finally grasp — I was able to let go of outworn responses that do not serve me. I appreciate that she actually gave specific advice and good advice. It is so rare that someone has the confidence and insight to be able to do that in a way that can be actually heard. I would recommend any serious life student to utilize Nancy’s services.

~Deborah Ryman

I received an amazing astrological report from Nancy R. Fenn at a time when I was experiencing an identity crisis. My life was all questions, no answers. I was depressed, stifld and uninspired. After receiving Nancy’s report, I felt revived. Something in my spirit was reawakened. I understood how the experiences I’ve had were necessary in shaping who I am so that I have the tools to be that which I aspire towards. The report gave me new insight into my self and to the hidden influences affecting my current state of mind. I was able to get in line with the underlying energy and use it in my favor instead of feeling burdened by it. With this new sense of empowerment, I moved across the country, signed up for school and am following my life long dreams. I recommend Nancy’s report to anyone….”

~Lee Ann Fleissner

“I have been involved with astrology for over 40 years, have had 4 different teachers and know what I need to learn. Nancy R. Fenn’s reading yesterday was and is brilliant. Liz Greene did a chart for me this year and 2 other astrologers, with little understanding of the 2nd Saturn return [emphasis mine]. It is like Nancy knows it, is not afraid of it and assisted me in embracing it. Nancy Fenn has an uncanny ability to see from a larger perspective…absolutely brilliant. It makes perfect sense, very logical the way she shared it. For the past 10 years I have been fascinated with the nodes and find no astrologers that really discuss them. From my point of view Nancy’s understanding and brilliance of astrology, particularly the nodes and Saturn return deserves to be shared in a book…”.

~Name Withheld

“Nancy R. Fenn is a wonderful, caring advisor. She is highly intuitive, positive, intelligent, thorough and trustworthy. Nancy has gently guided me through many stressful times with her insightful advice and encouragement. She is always there for me, no matter what. I view her as not just an advisor or teacher but a friend. She is also a gifted teacher, who researches extensively, is open and receptive with a continuing sense of wonder.”

~Maureen Murray

“Nancy R. Fenn brings compassion and insight to every interaction I’ve had with her.”

~Michelle Gutierrez

“Nancy R. Fenn is an extremely gifted psychic and astrologer. She has guided me through many difficult times with her beacon of light, knowledge, and expertise. I am always in awe of her uncanny insight and psychological interpretations. Nancy possesses an eagle’s eye of focus which has assisted me in targeting and obtaining my goals. Her tender gentleness and kindness melts away any fears I may have and is a calming center in my life. What I really admire about Nancy is her impeccable ability to predict and effect energy. I have elicited Nancy’s help for more than a decade and will continue for years to come. She’s utterly amazing and I don’t know what I would do without her!”

~Margaret Loris, client for 12 years

“Nancy R. Fenn is a brilliant and expert astrologer specializing in saturn return chart readings. I came to her for a reading during that difficult time and her reading was so in-depth/thorough, intuitive, inspiring, and reassuring. Some of her insights simply amazed me. The entire process helped me immensely. Still today, I reread her report every few months to gain perspective on my life with a few new “aha…that’s what that means” every time. It’s kind of like a mini-life guide. I’ve been to many astrologers, and she is by far the best—she has strong intuitive faculties and is kind-hearted and approachable. I highly recommend her services!”

~Amy Provenzano

Nancy R. Fenn offers remarkably intuitive insights to human personality and spirituality. I came to Nancy because of her reputation as Saturn’s Return Expert. The chart she produced to help guide me through this period was remarkably on target, and I use it still as reference and guidance.


“Nancy R. Fenn is a wonderful astrologer and intuitive. She has given me insight into situations that I could have never seen on my own. She has a God given talent in these areas. She comes highly recommended and I have worked with her for over 15 years.”

~Tamara Graham, client for 15 years

Someone referred me to Nancy R. Fenn. I began working with her six months ago and she immediately made me feel more centered through her insight. Her readings are consistent and I always feel one step closer to achieving my goal after speaking with her. Within a few months of my working with Nancy, I recommended her to my friends. I love the fact that Nancy is always there for me. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She adds purpose, value and meaning to my life.


For more feedback, see Clients Comments


~ by nancyfenn on February 18, 2008.

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