Amy Winehouse, Go Girl!


~ by nancyfenn on February 11, 2008.

One Response to “Amy Winehouse, Go Girl!”

  1. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the reference to Amy W. Being a Baby Boomer rather than the current GenX’ers that love Amy, my first impression of her was based on the media gossip (“she’s a junkie, a slut and nasty business.”). Well, how wrong of me to buy that!

    I watched her perform and my heart melted. Such a talented young woman! And I realize she is a wounded bird, much in the tradition of Edith Piaf (very different talent tho!). I just wanted to gather this poor thing my arms and hug her!

    She is incredibly talented, and her defiance stems from all the misunderstandings.

    could this raw talent be an introvert? What do you think?

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