From the Cold and Unemotional INTJ

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from an acquaintance I met during my CO trip; he also enclosed his phone number.

Taking a chance(CO is two hours behind OH), I called: He answered and, after he verified it was me, he proceeded to have an quite emotional ‘session’ with me concerning his spouse and her well ‘issues’.

Basically, just like for that young man at the movie theater, I provided a symapthetic ear and allowed him to, if you will, find ‘closure’ on how his spouse has been treating him since I first met him in early July.

Anyway, it was quite emotional and he cried several times as he described the relationship; tp make a long story short, the ‘session’ lasted almost 60 minutes and I spoke maybe five minutes total.

Near the end, I could tell that he was feeling better and looking forward to ‘meeting’ with his spouse. He just needed someone to be a quiet sympathetic listener who understands the value of solitude and quiet.

Contrast this with a person I know who hugs all the time and is unable to handle 60 seconds of silence.

Ahhh…., the intuitive knowledge that we solitaries/introverts possess and our ability to help the healing process:)

Even from this ‘cold and unemotional’ INTJ:)


~ by nancyfenn on February 8, 2008.

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