So Thought-Full and Tender, That’s ElsaElsa

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The Way Of The Culture – You’re Down? Great, Let’s Kick You!

Astrology in real life“Cold, cold, cold
Cold, cold, cold
Freezing, it was freezing in that hotel
I had no money, my special friend was gone
The TV set was busted so she went along
I called room, room service,
I’m down here on my knees
A peach or a pear, or a coconut please,
But they was cold…”

Lowell George (Aries… hot, hot, hot)

That guy came up to me in the gym the other day to remark on my body and a few days later a woman in the gym announced happily, “You’ve lost weight!” I did a double take because I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. When I first started going to this gym I was nearly 50 pounds overweight but I eventually lost the weight and I have become a gym regular with a stable weight. Because of this no one ever mentions my weight anymore. In fact I suspect that most don’t remember or even know I have ever had a weight problem but this blog is about something else.

Some of you recall there is a hairdresser in my gym who works out on a crosstrainer like I do but in exactly the opposite fashion. Where I put the thing on level 20 and slog along, she zips a million miles and hour like the Energizer Bunny. She is very friendly and well mannered in the gym (she does not interrupt your workout) but her energy is so frenetic on the machine I try not to work out next to her although I like her. In whatever case she is very thin.

She is very thin but lately her body has changed completely. She’s got the same grin and all but she has definitely gained weight and for no apparent reason. We are peers on these machines and are seen as such. We get to the gym at the same time and we both have tremendous prowess on them and now I wonder if the whole gym has not watched us both gain weight in tandem over the last few months.I’ve seen her body changing and obviously something is wrong. She is either on some kind of medication or maybe something has happened in her life like it did in mine that caused her to just stress out. And I can’t imagine saying anything.

Not now and not when I see it come off her as I am sure I will. She’s a gym rat with a her weight stable for years and whatever is going on I am sure she will get on top it and I thought of this today in light of the fat ban proposal.

Can you imagine having an event in your life… let’s say someone dies and you go out and eat or drink or pick up a cigarette and because of it you lose your access to heath care? How would that be? You’re down? Let’s kick you.

But it seems to be the way of the culture.

I scan a lot of astrology stuff due my editing gig on the Top 10 Astrology News and recently an astrology magazine shut down. I’d not heard of them, I don’t know anything about them but all the sudden they started coming up all over the place, linked on the blogs of skeptics.“Guess they didn’t predict this…”“How come they didn’t see this coming?”And it struck me as stupid and copy-cattish but also as cold hearted. Because look at this page:The Astrological Magazine

Does it not sound as if someone has suffered something? Why would so many jump on that for a cheap joke?It is clear to me now that I put on some weight during my crisis although I really didn’t know it. I knew I was eating bags of cookies but I was wearing the same clothes and I just thought whatever weight gain occurred was milder than it was. Basically I had other things pressing.

Thank goodness I’m not 22 with the paparazzi following me around snapping pictures of my ass to put on the Internet for people who look worse than I ever will to rate and comment upon.Why do you think people are so cold?Astrology, cultures, fat ban, gym, lowell george, music, Paparazzi,   |   Posted at 7:25 pm  Email This Post

Someoone sent me this and i just think it is absolutely wonderful.  To learn more, visit >


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