Loving Leos

The tendency to cling to the ideal and become bewildered when it doesn’t match reality is most visible in Leo’s relationships.  Both in business and in love, in family and with friends, s/he is perpetually baffled by the pettiness, ambiguity, jealousy and general nastiness that abounds in the human psyche.  Not that s/he doesn’t possess these attributes himself, but s/he will make an enormous effort to be honourable in her/his dealings with others, because that’s the knightly code.  Quite right, s/he is a living anachronism.  Loyalty is terribly important to Leo, and honour — a word whose meaning has become quiet tarnished in the marketplace these days.  It’s perfectly understandable why the lion may so often be found with that hurt, disillusioned look on his noble face.”

~Liz Green

So true, says the lady with 4 planets in Leo!


~ by nancyfenn on January 28, 2008.

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