Born an Introvert – Cultivate Your Introversion

According to Katherine Benziger, PhD (visit her website at ) there is a price that introverts pay for trying to be another “type” of person, an extrovert. It’s called “falsifying type”, a term originated by Dr. Carl Jung to identify “anyone whose most developed and/or used skills were outside his or her area of greatest natural preference and giftedness.” This would apply to an introvert trying to be an extrovert. Carl Jung believed the problem of an introvert tryiing to be an introvert or any other falsification of type to be serious.”  

According to Benziger, “the immediate result of falsification of type is that the individual’s brain must work harder, using much more oxygen and energy second per second. Estimates by Dr. Richard Haier of San Diego indicate the brain might need to work as much as 100 times harder when developing or using skills outside a person’s area of natural efficiency. “

She continues:

· “The short term results of falsification tend to be: increased irritability, headaches, difficulty in mastering a new task.

· The long term results of falsification of type include exhaustion, depression, lack of joy, a homeostatic imbalance involving oxygen, the pre-mature aging of the brain and a vulnerability to illness.”

~ by nancyfenn on January 4, 2008.

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