Very Wise Words from a 17 Year Old INFJ

Bonnie, age 17

I have only recently discovered that I am an INFJ and while I am proud, it also validates my loneliness and shyness. I’m not sure if this is similar for all INFJ’s but my whole life I have never felt as though I have truly connected with anyone else, like my relationships are never equal. I often find myself having to explain even the most obvious behaviours of mine to others and yet they still don’t understand. This is my main struggle as an INFJ; I feel as though I can completely understand and empathise with others just by watching their behaviour though no one else seems to be able to understand me in the same way; [Nancy’s note:  this is so absolutelu true of all INFJs!!!]  it’s hard not to dwell on this depressing fact.

The most important thing is to appreciate the gift that we have for understanding others and to use it wisely in accordance to our very strong morals (it is fortunate that we have these, otherwise we could misuse our talent). I say we (along with all other introverts) should be proud of who we are and give a big rude finger to all those extroverts who tell the rest of society that we are “antisocial hermits”, if anything, INFJ’s along with INFP’s are the most prosocial of all types!

So everyone EMBRACE your rare personality’s and ignore the word “coping” In the last question of the survey. We aren’t “coping”! We are doing marvellously and the future is looking brilliant for us.

Me again, just wanted to say that some of you are talking as though being an INFJ is a disease, that is really not the way to be looking at it….don’t underestimate yourself and others with this type, we are just as wonderful and have all the potential that other types have. Please do not reinforce the popular notion that introverts are not as healthy and “normal” as extroverts.


~ by nancyfenn on December 31, 2007.

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