15 Year Old INfp

i have known my personality type since i was 13, and most probably cannot comprehend that someone that age can understand the true feelings of being an infp, but i do. i am 15 now, and after reading these posts i see that many feel isolated and alone in the world. The truth is we are alone; we make up 1 percent of the population and many of us never meet another infp. And it will always hurt us to be alone because we want to be understood but thats not going to happen. we have to accept who we are and that we may never be understood by anyone. But i like that. i like the idea that i am so unique that i feel as if the people who will ever really understand me i can count on 1 hand. we are special and we are good people and we have to keep going no matter how alone we feel. we must never give up

another thing: i have always seemed to hate people. i dont know if any others have felt this but i do all the time. It is most confusing because at the same time i am hating people, i also care about them and want what is best for them. for example, my mother is crazy. she has all the emotional issues and has to take antidepressants and freaks out all the time. I hate her for this. i hate how she cant cope with anything and doesnt understand anything about the world around her. but i love her too. she is insane but i love her. i disparately want her to stop with her highly emotional tendencies so she can be happy. i know that this is a false hope because she is not strong enough to break through her barriers. i hate her for this but i beat myself up over the fact that nothing can change her.

after talking to a fellow infp, i see that he did the same thing, hated people while caring so much about them. it really sucks but i know i have to keep going strong like always and i cant let the fact that she is messed up mess me up. its really hard for me every day but i keep working and i hope that i any of you have ever felt the same was, i hope the you never give up either. i hope every infp keeps going strong!


~ by nancyfenn on December 31, 2007.

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