Is She a 9th House Person?


A client wrote: Hi!I love your site. I just discovered it yesterday and have been working my way through it.   I have only been studying astrology for about four years now. When I say study I mean reading all of Liz Greene’s books/ordering several Astrodienst long reports and reading/absorbing/figuring out things for myself from myriad articles and study opps on the web  

However I feel I am still really Really conflicted about my driection in life. I feel split in two. I am emerging from a long and difficult past twenty years though I had a terrrifc start in life and built up a successsful buisness before crashing into drug addciton around my first Satrun return. I feel driven inside to always go forward to push to advance…this feeling never leaves. But push to where?

My tenth house sun says build a buiness/convention…everything else in me says rebel go your own way know your soul the spiritual path is for you no other hell on convention….so I ask you am I a ninth house person? ( and also help!)  Birth info: September 25/ 1956/ 12:38 p.m./Pittsburgh Pa.


Dear Xxx, Your descent into a dark place is symbolized by Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th.  Appropriately these issues began at your first Saturn Return  You are working out the family daemons which include a great deal of psychological complexity, manipulation perhaps crime, violence, rape, incest, power struggles,  vendettas, vengeances, etc. or other carryings-on through the past numerous generations – not necessarily and probably not this one.  Anything in the 12th house is multi generational.  

The next book to read as regards this sort of thing is Erin Sullivan on Family.   A good example of this sort of thing is also characterized in the movie Shipping News.  Since Saturn is also tied to your North Node, nothing in your chart is more important than this area … fighting all those daemons and bringing the truth to light for the whole family and generations past.  I’m sure you read Greene’ss book on THE Astrology of Fate. 

Secondarily, your feeling of scatteredness and wanting to ride off in all directions at once is due to so much mutable energy, not immediately obvious to the casual observer.  Jupiter in Virgo in the 9th near the Midheaven squares Moon in Gemini at another angle and opposes Mars in Pisces in the 3rd, at another angle.  Three of these planets are at angles so they are always shaking you up like salt and peppers.  The Moon is nearly opposite Saturn which is near the final angle.  This configuration acts like a “Mutable Grand Cross” so look that up and study what others say about how to handle it.  In an esoterc way since it is at the angles it also acts like a Cardinal Grand Cross, so look that  up, too. 

So to answer the question you are Saturnine/Plutonic type with some great 9th house energy you can use to get conscious and transcend but your 9th house planets fight with three other houses and planets so it takes some getting used to to get this chart coordiinated.  Your proper area of emphasis is psychology and 12th house matters such as the mysteries of the universe, not the least of which is forgiving yourself and others for all the pain. I think it would really help to get a reading so I can give this more time than I  can justify for free.  I offer three options:Full Chart Interpretations30+ written report $250One hour phone consult $100Both $325 [recommended] You can see what others have said here: Nancy


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