29 Year Old INFJ

I have first discovered that I am an INFJ about five years ago when I did a personality test at my job then. The HR person mentioned to me at that point that INFJ is not a typical personality type for an accountant and questioned whether I was in the right job for me. I was quite deflated by that statement as at that point I spent 8 years of my life either studying or working in the profession. I eventually changed jobs and became a programmer instead. This I found much more enjoyable as the job requires a lot of creativity. I really enjoy the constant problem solving. It is like playing games at work.

I would not put myself down as an introvert or at least shy person. I tend to fluctuate between shutting off and being lairy at parties. I need both the social and the quiet in my life. I feel suffocated after too much time with people. My great sadness is not having met that someone special. I have dated many men and have found some of them annoying and shallow. The ones I did love my family disapproved of so strongly to the point of forcing us apart.

The single mindedness trait is certainly true about me. I have done up houses alone. I do sometimes wonder though if all the additional pressure I put on myself is to distract me from the more important matters that aren’t getting resolved. I can be cold if required. I have dumped men in order to get to do tiling at weekends. I have not found the happy medium between compassion and outright disregard. I fluctuate between the two for prolonged periods of time, sometimes I won’t cry for a year or two and then I will cry every night for weeks. At this stage I am close to tears though and I am not sure why.

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~ by nancyfenn on December 18, 2007.

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