39 year old INTJ Speaks

Cindy, email seadivmcycle68@hotmail.com, age 39 speaks about being an INTJ

I love the comments about having difficulty dealing with stupid or annoying people! It is also the first time I saw someone who was also not great at math say they could solve complicated math problems and have no idea how…I did this in physics all the time, but had trouble with algebra in college…the same damn algebra I’ had in 4th grade!

I have always known I was sroong minded and strong spirited.  As a child, when an older child abused me, I knew it was because he was weaker willed and spirited than I was, and I forgave him, before I forgave myself for not keeping myself out of the situation. I tricked him many times to preserve different aspects of myself, then eventually got myself out of it…HA! Bigger and physically stronger than me and tried to humiliate me to boot, didn’t work.

From some of the comments I would think that I am not an INTJ except that I’ve taken the test so many times and only when I was on meds for a serious injury did I get any different reading…ENTJ…bordering on INTJ! Too funny!

I have never married, I would love to and am a romantic at heart…but find many men to be too emotional and needy for me, I refuse to have to bullshit at home. I am perfectly happy to tell him how sexy he is, and wonderful, but I HAVE to be able to be brutally honest…it’s where most of my humor is.

I actually have nicely challenging jobs, so have stayed in many of them for extended times compared to many. I also have always felt a sort of connection to all living things, or an understanding.

The truly odd thing for me from the other comments, though I like to be alone quite often and get irritated in places like crowded shopping malls, I am extremely good at empathizing with people. I have been one of the most successful at interviewing resistant personalities and proven it repeatedly since early high school. Without being fake at all (rather enjoying myself) I can get someone who hates even the idea of me (i.e. a woman in what they think is a man’s position) to laugh and chat with me freely, even telling me some of their most hidden guilt/obssession/fear, giving me an huge amount of power. However, I hate manipulation, so the fact that I will only use what I know when and only if needed for the greater good, comes through.

Small talk is fine, and I seem to be good at it and make people laugh a lot, even when I my “;cutting tongue” as put by chinese philosophers, is in high gear! I love being INTJ and can often seem extremely outgoing because I like adventurous activities and sports as well as dancing and observing people.

I do have just a few close friends really and have historically had many more male than women friends, but as I’ve gotten older I seem to have a lot less men friends as I find that most want more from me…I am 39 but am frequently called a liar about my age, I ‘ve never had reason to lie about it, I have always been perfectly fine with the age I was at the time, just the world wasn’t always ready for me!

A few things I’ve been told by friends and observed about myself: I don’t appear drunk, when I know I am out of my head smashed (others always ask me to drive for them!) I always attributed it to really being myself so much that there was no major change when I drank, I didn’t need alcohol to “;come out of my shell.”  

I also tend NOT to fall in love until I have logically evaluated that the man is someone I can look up to and respect. I am not swayed at all by swaggeringly handsome men, but also refuse to be saddled with someone that won’t take responsibility for their own wellbeing. I think any INTJ can be quite emotionally attached and empathic, and often at a deeper level because we actually have to feel more connected than some twit allowing their hormones or solely their heartstrings be pulled, we see through the bullshit and therefore can see the truth, isn’t that infinitely a more true love since it is not clouded by self deception?


~ by nancyfenn on November 25, 2007.

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