Sufi Dhikr and Learning

Mostafa Ajana from Fez, Morocco, is teaching SUFI Meditation and Dhikr

Are you interested in learning more about the beautiful Sufi religion? 


Come.  Learn.  Share in one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful spiritual practices.

 Contact Mostafa Ajana to find the place and directions and for more information:

Sunday afternoons from  3 to 4 with discussion following.  Convenient San Diego area.

Mostafa is a follower of Sufi Master Sidi Hamza.

Quoted from Sidi Hamza’s Website:


Shaykh Sidi Hamza Al Qadiri Al Boutchichi is currently considered in Morocco, and in many countries throughout the world where are his disciples, like an “alive Master “, the authentic representative of an alive tradition of the Sufism, way of interior realization in Islam.

There exist through the Muslim world, also more largely in the whole world, many Sufi brotherhoods, carrying the name of one of their founder such as Shadhiliyya, Tijaniyya, Naqshbandiyya, Qadiriyya, etc.

The latter holds its name of Shaykh Moulay Al Qadir Al Jilani (470H-559H / 1077-1166), one of the most popular Sufi saints in Islam, of which the sanctuary is in Baghdad, a city where he taught esoteric sciences as well as exoteric ones during many years.

Shaykh Sidi Hamza Al Qadiri Al Boutchichi is descended from him. From this point of view, the genealogy of Al Qadiri family goes up to the Prophet Mohammad (blessing of God and peace on him ) by his grandson Hassan. But in addition to this heritage, certainly very significant, but which several families in the world can also have and which do not ensure any role of teaching, the most significant heritage here is of a spiritual nature.

In the Sufism one considers that an ” alive Shaykh ” is a “Mohammedan heir” that inherited the spiritual ‘secret’ of the Prophet (slp) (called like this because it is at the level of unutterable, that no term of the usual language can describe) and which himself “was authorized” at the same time by a transcendent source, divine, and by his own Master who thus confirms the veracity and the authenticity of such a designation. Like one says it in the Sufism, it is a transmission of “heart to heart”.

To be thus authenticated, each Tariqa, or Sufi “way”, must be registered in an uninterrupted chain of spiritual Masters, each one heir of this ‘secret’, to the Prophet of Islam (slp) and, through him, all the chain of the saints and the former prophets. The ‘secret’ is nothing else but the ultimate and divine direction of the being. To discover it, or to get closer to it, is by itself the main objective of any existence.

The Shaykh Sidi Hamza Al Qadiri Al Butchichi himself and his own father, Sidi Al Hajj Al Abbas Al Qadiri Al Boutchichi, were disciples of shaykh Sidi Abou Madienne Al Qadiri which could acquire the “secret” after been for many years the disciple of different Sufi shaykhs of which particularly Sidi Ben Aryan, which belong with the Tijaniyya Tariqa and who dissimulated his holiness so well and his spiritual knowledge that one estimates that he belongs to the category of saints called “Malamati” (the people of blame, for the fact that they act of such way to attract on them an unfavorable view). The other shaykh who played a decisive role in the formation of Sidi Abou Madienne is Sidi Ahmed Lahlou, itself disciple of the shaykh of Shadhiliyya Tariqa, Sidi Mohammed Ben Ali.

These spiritual heritages converge in the shaykh Sidi Hamza Al Qadiri Al Boutchichi with that of his grandfather Sidi Al Moukhtar Al Boutchichi, a great saint of all Eastern Morocco, recognized for its wonders and its wisdom in all the tribes of Beni Snassen, and who became an emblematic figure of resistance against the colonial invasion.

It is not however, by going up this chain, to the level of Sidi Ali Al Qadiri, the first being called the name of Al Boutchichi, that one finds this degree of the full access to the knowledge of the spiritual ‘secret’ and the authorization to transmit the initiation from it. This degree will then be lost to leave room only to one form more external and more popular of holiness. It will be again reintroduced in Tariqa Al Qadiriyya by the means of Sidi Abou Madienne, which will transmit it on his turn to his two disciples, Sidi Al Hajj Al Abbas and Sidi Hamza.

In the Sufi terminology the way of the “secret” (sirr) differs from the way of the “Tabarruk” (blessing), which allows certainly a beneficial spiritual impregnation, without giving a full access to knowledge. It is this way of the “Sirr” (spiritual secret) that Sidi Hamza Al Qadiri Al Boutchichi teaches today.

Learn more about his Master Sidi Hamza


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