Introverted at the Holidays

A reader answers the survey.

How do you cope with the holidays?   =: So far I’ve been angry and resentful. EVERY holiday is spent with husband’s family as I have none left. I HATE holidays and his family. This year I’m going to put on my MP3 player and let them do their stupid small talk, bragging etc..

What things do you like about the holidays? =: The decorations – if I didn’t have to take my day off to put them all up and one day to take them down!

How do you cope with family during the holidays? =: I don’t – I get depressed, dread it – hate it that they always have to get together for every little thing.

Anything else you’d like to say? =: Husband insists on having HIS way. Says he wishes that I was more outgoing. I told him he knew before marrying me – too bad because I won’t change.

What would be your ideal celebration? =: Vacation trip – just the two of us or by myself.

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~ by nancyfenn on November 20, 2007.

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