66 year old INFP Shares

What’s it like to be an infp?  66 year old responds…

Many INFPs express feeling all alone. I’ve had that feeling as well. It has come and gone through out my life. Then I look at the evidence. My leadership has been sought out repeatedly. People seek out my company. People treat me warmly where ever I go. There is strong evidence that I’m well liked and highly respected, yet on the inside I often feel that I have no one to whom I can openly express what’s going on inside me.

I’ve always liked being unique. I know that I’m sometimes viewed as flaky and that’s OK. I see the world differently than almost everyone I’ve ever known but my gift with words has helped me expand other peoples world and I take great delight in that.

For me it is impossible not to become personally involved with people. Not in a sexual sense but I need to know what makes people I like tick. David Keirsey’s work has been a real revelation to me. Other books I would recommend are “;The Introvert Advantage” by Dr. Marti Laney also “The Writers Journey” by Christopher Vogler. These books however would not have nearly as much impact on me had I not been very familiar with the Christian Bible. Years of Bible study established my confidence that regardless of my feelings that I’m both “Loved” and that “I’ve been intentionally designed by my God for a specific purpose.”

These two things enable me understand that I have both worth and a reason for acting in a way that is consistent with this quirky personality I’ve been given. It also helps me understand that I have weaknesses and that is OK too because it makes me dependant on others with other gifts. Thus I help them by supplying some of their needs and they help me with those things I not able to give myself.

My wife is an ESFJ she keeps me from drifting and I open up a world of fun for her. I have benifited greatly from friends who are ESTJ and ISFJ. I feel a strong connection to SJ personalities more so even than I do to other NF personalities. Of all the people who’s type [sic] I know the ones I’m most attracted to are SJs. I know several NFs (no other INFP) I know an ENFP, and two ENFJs. I love all three of these people dearly but they don’t help me grow in the same way the SJs do.

I’m also not limited to my God given INFP personality. I can and have learned other types skills. Yes I’m a loner on the inside but actively involved with the world I live in. I feel a strong commitment to make this world a better place because I’ve spent however many years I given to live in it. Unlike what people might think as an INFP I’m very comfortable speaking publically. I regularly address between two and three hundred people at a time. Others might think this comfort isn’t natural but I assure you that it is natural for me. I in fact get a rush from public speaking. Yet with that said I’m inherrently shy, and as I said before I feel totally alone more often than not and only the evidence others confirm with their strong welcoming love for me saves me from going deeper and deeper inside myself and becoming depressed.


~ by nancyfenn on November 19, 2007.

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