Cold and Unemotional, part iii & final

Also, he could provide a moral (maybe also ethical) center that to ‘Smallville’:)

She also tells him that she will refrain from going with him to his apartment–guess those brainy nerd hotties are just so uncool.

Finally, as he tries to look for a place to sit, Kara steals his lab passkey and he appears somewhat befuddled (though I am suspecting he has deduced she, obviously, has superpowers).

It is interesting that Kara was unable to see both his inner and outer beauty; I also wonder whether she was listening carefully to what he said.

If she had been more ‘upfront’, she could have had a new friend (and maybe will) who could have helped her and even provided a calm center.

She should have also liked his ‘sweet nervousness’ and the fact that he was a good listener.

I had known that nerds, geeks, were ‘hot’ on TV but I had no idea how far it had gone.


~ by nancyfenn on November 6, 2007.

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