Men in Power

Photographer Harry Benson quoted from an interview in today’s New York Social Diary.

Q:  Did you ever photograph Bob Dole, because everyone says he’s really funny?A:  Yes, but a terrible temper. And so does Bill Clinton … oh terrible! Goes red! Just screaming and red-faced … eyes bulging!

Q:  You mean screaming at underlings?

A:  Maybe, but the underling might be the Secretary of State or somebody! I remember I was sitting outside once and he didn’t know I was there and he comes out raging, and he sees me [begins to laugh] and he says ‘Oh Harry, how are you, how are you?’ You know he’s going to go back in and say ‘What the F… are you doing?’ Somebody’s really going to get their ass kicked for that, you know! [everyone’s laughing]. Jimmy Carter was kind of a mean kind of one, you know … ‘I’ll speak to after about this.’ Sometimes you hear a lot, you know with the camera, you’re only about [gestures] here, and you hear them mumbling, Nixon and Kissinger ‘He’s a son of a bitch, we’ll have to do something about, you know …’ And then they would stop and they would look at you, and what you must never do is meet their eyes … you’re more like a primate. If you meet their eyes, you’ve had it!


~ by nancyfenn on November 5, 2007.

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