Cold and Unemotional, part ii

[continued from yesterday]

Kara then walks away, and with that typical nerd expression and nervousness(priceless) relents and tells her about the ship and what has been found.

It says volumes that Kara, who disdains Earthlings, wsunable to see the sweetness, honesty and goodness in him. Also, Kryptonians and Earthlings are genetically the same.

Anyway, Kara calls him a ‘secret agent’ and he, like a solitary/introvert type, tells her that he is just a researcher and that he does a lot of fieldwork.

BTW, she is also kissing him and rubbing his hair.

Kara then asks if there is someplace that they can talk privately.

They are then shown kissing in a back room and she has toldhim more tales of herhome planet. She then gently pushes him away and rells him that she will go to his apartment with him.

Needless to say, the young scientist is unsure what to think and is somewhat confused.

Anyway, there is one scene where she asks him a question and his ‘nervousness’ and facial expressions are priceless. He never attempts to force himself upon her and his eyes light up when she tells him about exploring deep space.

Kara was unable to recognize this beautiful diamond in her presence and one of the reasons that I believe that he was a ‘walk-on’ is that his facial expressions and emotions had an honesty that has been lacking on ‘Smallville’ for a long time.


~ by nancyfenn on November 5, 2007.

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