MBTI in Churchgoers

The findings in the latest edition of the Rural Theology Journal were carried out by the Rev Canon Prof Leslie Francis, Director of the Welsh National Centre for Religious Studies at the University of Wales in Bangor.

According to his research, based on a survey of 185 churchgoers in three rural Welsh benefices, individuals whose perceiving processes are described as sensing rather than intuitive, whose judging processes are defined as feeling rather than thinking, and whose attitudes towards the outer world are judging rather than perceiving, are more likely to go to church.
That would be ISFJ and ESFJ.

SJ types are Guardians.  ISFJ is the Protector Guardian such as Mother Theresa andCsar Nicholas II (the martyred csar).  ESFJ is the Provider Guardian such as William Howard Taft, Barbara Walters, J C Penney, Ray Kroc, Louis B. Mayer ands Sam Walton.

The arricle continues …

Prof Francis concluded that while churches should continue to display the invitation ‘Everybody Welcome’, congregations which predominantly attract women, the retired and those whose psychological profiles are more feeling and sensing-orientated, should seek to ‘nurture the spirituality’ of these groups. He suggested it may be the role of groups pioneering ‘fresh expressions of church’ to reach out to those whose psychological profiles remain under-represented in the established Church.

Learen more:  http://www.religiousintelligence.co.uk/news/?NewsID=1107


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