Tips from Terry for MR

Terry Lamb’s suggestions for Mars Retrograde, November 15 thru January 8

So, what can we do? Antidotes to the unhealthy effects that we experience from Mars involve undoing the stress reactions we have (as they occur) and uprooting them (preventing new ones from occurring). To undo them, we can:

           •          MOST IMPORTANT: Don’t go after what’s wrong with you (not that anything is!). Focus on what’s right, then problem-solve in the moment.

            •          Enjoy some quiet (peaceful) time every day.

            •          Engage in regular physical activity.

            •          Honor your tiredness; get enough sleep.

           •          Stay in touch with your emotions, but not slavishly.

          •          Enjoy moderation in all things.

           •          Observe signs of stress reactions and counterbalance them with energy balancing techniques.

            •          Support and strengthen our meridian system, especially by draining triple warmer and supporting spleen.

          •          Keep the cerebrospinal fluid flowing from top to bottom.


~ by nancyfenn on November 1, 2007.

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