Louise Hay’s Spiritual ABCs

A = Ask for Help

*Go to God for Help: “Please help me navigate through this. Thank you for helping.”

*Help Yourself. Live in Gratitude! Give thanks to God for everything and everyone, always.

*Reach Out to Others: End your isolation by reaching out to others for help.

B = Breathing Being

*Transformative Ten Breath Countdown: Everyone has time to count down ten times as they breathe in and breathe out.

*“Be Still and Know that I am God.” Stillness it the doorway to God.

*Being in the Body: Through being still we begin to hear our bodies’ needs and learn to care for our bodies, now.

C = Cultivate Compassion

*Pray for Compassion: “Please, God, help me find compassion here. Thank you for helping me.”

*Seek the Big Picture: When we make a mistake rather than beating on ourselves, we need to reach for a larger perspective.

*Reframing the Story: We run a continual flow of stories in our mind explaining everything that is happening or has happened to us. If we can let our stories go for a moment and ask God, “How else can I see this?” we may see a greater truth.


~ by nancyfenn on October 31, 2007.

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