INTP Time with Natalie

From Natalie (Fem), age 28

What’s it like to be an INTP?

I identify with the idea that INTPs are essentially easy going and malleable, but can be stubborn when there have been certain breaches.

Also, I can seriously vouch for the fact that everything will seem better once you enter college. High school just isn’t our style; in my case I barely graduated and definitely didn’t enjoy myself. In college I THRIVED. My grades kept me in the top of all classes. Having hence graduated college, I’m back to feeling sort of disillusioned again and ache to get back to college–it’s where I really meld well.

I am a jack of all trades and master of nothing. I read in another essay somewhere else that INTPs are proficient at anything they put their mind to–and that’s me for sure.

I have a myriad of interests from music and art to science and literature. I was never given good mathematics education and am sorely ignorant in the subject, but I think in a different situation I could have been an engineer or something. Instead, I was a history and political science junky and now?

Now I am a really good preschool teacher. The pay is really awful but its positive work where I can use my wide ranging skills all the time. My mind is always active and I’ve always got 1000 things going on to manage.

How to cope:

Just accept yourself for who you are. You’re “weird”;¬†then cool, you’re weird. You’re aloof? So what, you’re aloof. You cannot connect to people emotionally? So be it.

There’s nothing wrong with you are. You are you.

There’s something said in the Talmud I believe, in which someone was asking God about who he is…his essence, etc. The creator’s answer:


so let go of any feelings of inadequacy or alienation–you’re a freak or disconnected or whatever–GOOD FOR YOU! Embrace who you are and good will come from it.

I discovered this through dancing my brains out at hippy festivals while on hippy drugs–not everybody needs to go on my path but we all would do well with a little self realization and acceptance however it comes about.

To be an INTP:

  • is to be interested in everything and nothing simultaneously
  • is to be good at everything but not great at anything–constantly the person in second place.
  • is to not want to lead but in the same light, do exactly what you want.
  • is to feel more intelligent than most people around you (for this reason, associate with smartypants and the world will seem saner)
  • is to be unable to express simple things like, “what I want is…”;
  • is to be what I call, “an antisocial socialite.”

I must add, to add to this duality is my zodiac, if one believes in it: Gemini sun, Scorpio moon–

for me, it really is that I do see all sides of everything and therefore cannot decide (and deciding is a stressful thing for me to do)…

  • it is to like everything and dislike everything at the same time, equally.

~ by nancyfenn on October 31, 2007.

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