“For the Feeble Young Introvert” No, thanks!


Making fun of us again?  The subtitle of this book is “A Gentle Guide to Social Interaction for the Feeble Young Introvert”.

Here’s a quote from a book review by Astrid Duffy.  For the full article, click here:  http://media.wildcat.arizona.edu/media/storage/paper997/news/2007/10/25/Wildlife/Mock-SelfHelp.Book.Cures.Boredom-3056689.shtml

Need friends? Well, Jason Roeder’s mock self-help book, “Oh, the Humanity! A Gentle Guide to Social Interaction for the Feeble Young Introvert,” promises to help with just that problem through tips on topics such as small talk, body language and being curious.

But before you get your hopes up about a magical portal to your dream social life, remember that Roeder is famous not for his insights into psychology but for his humorous writings, which have appeared in such well-known venues as The New Yorker and McSweeney’s. Therefore, the target audience here is perhaps not the more severe of feeble young introverts Roeder professes to help, but rather anyone who likes a good laugh. And laughs are aplenty in “Oh, the Humanity.”


~ by nancyfenn on October 30, 2007.

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