INFJ agonizes over the Perfect Career like INFP does over the Perfect Relationship

From an INFJ reader.

I came across your website and thought you could maybe help me out.

I’m an INFJ but am only a moderately expressed Feeler and Judger.

I am … in college and trying to decide on a major. Right now I am a Business major, but am finding I am not enjoying my classes because I see no connection with them helping people or the broader world. I feel like its all about “getting ahead” and making money and competition and profit in my business classes and don’t see myself in that realm. I want to help people – make people’s lives a little easier with what I do everyday. I am no good in a competitive setting, which is another reason I’m doubting business as a major. I want to get up the morning and love what I do, and I know that studying business isn’t doing it for me. …

I am considering a switch to a Psychology major, which hopes of becoming some sort of counselor or psychologist, or possibly teach in the high school setting one day. I am so intrigued by things like analysis of the Myers Briggs Personality testing, group dynamics, what motivates people act as they do, etc. I took one psychology class and loved it! Part of me is scared to do this though, because I know I’m choosing a career more with limited economic prospects and fewer direct job opportunities. I’ve been pressured my whole life to go into the Corporate World, as practically everyone in my family is either a lawyer or a banker.

What do you think?

My answer: 

Thanks for writing.

My experience with INFJs is that this dialogue goes on their entire lives – “what’s the perfect career”? No matter what I tell you you’ll torture yourself for another 50 years

INFJs don’t seem to enjoy the corporate world.

My INFP gifts tell me money is pretty important to you even though you think not because money can buy you the two things you want, time and freedom.


~ by nancyfenn on October 16, 2007.

One Response to “INFJ agonizes over the Perfect Career like INFP does over the Perfect Relationship”

  1. I am an INFJ-I think-and I’m a Psychology major. What’s interesting is that I completed two summers at a full-time corporate internship right before college. I hated every moment of it–and quit after two summers to the horror of my parents. As far as Psychology is concerned, it has suited me quite well. I find the subject easy and interesting and it satisfies my need to ‘help people’. However, right now as a senior in college I am debating between attending graduate school in Psychology and pursuing a full-time career in writing/editing. I don’t know if my story helps you or not, but I think you should take another Psychology class to see what your heart is saying to you. There are actually a lot of opportunities in the field–you just may have to stay in school longer than you would like.

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