How to Use Mercury Retrograde Energy to Your Advantage

By the way the real skinny on Mercury Retrograde is not to crawl in a hole and die because you have to try to keep business going as usual.  Do this instead,

If you MUST transact during that time period , the person who is very focused and clear thinking can completely dominate the situation like the old Jedi mind trick if you recall.  You can seem like a wizard or hypnotist because every one else is so cotton headed.  If you are in the habit of being very disciplined in your thinking and tend to be an alpha personality give it a test run .  Try it is small ways to begin wit h.

You can use this technique to practically railroad it through.  The participants will seem to act like zombies.  Do not use this information to your advantage for manipulation or self serving because as in all cases of manipulation it will blow up later.  Make your motives are good business.

And here’s another variation. My client Shelly had a second house on the market for 3 months and is speculating which she really can’t afford to do but she is aggressive to get into the field of real estate investment..  The buyers signed a contract yesterday afterMercury had gone retrograde.  Shelly was worried. 

I reassured her.  In this case, MR will operate in her favor thru the laws of human nature.  The buyers have no business buying at the price they have contracted and they have a stupid emotional reason for moving forward at this time.  I explained to Shellythat even if she tried to talk them out of it they wouldn’t listen. 

The MR will not have them thinking clearly because they are dead set that this house will “save their marriage”.  They are not listening to any reason so I advised her to get out of her own way and assured her the deal would definitely close.

These people will buy in haste — it’s a 21-day escrow — and repent in leisure.  But nothing could stop them anyway.   These are the ways of the world.

You have to match energy to energy to interpret Mercury Retrograde with finesse and sophistication.


~ by nancyfenn on October 12, 2007.

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