“Feast of Love” Really Is Plus It Stars an INFJ and an INFP

“Feast of Love” is my feel good movie of the year and it’s a real winner for introverts.  There are a wonderful cast of characters but the main ones, the “commentors”, are most surely an INFJ — Harry Stevenson played by Morgan Freeman — and an INFP — Bradley, played by Greg Kinnear.  The conversation they have on the parkbench at the end is just a classic.

Stevenson the INFJ says things like, “Everything we need to know is going on right in front of our eyes.”   Bradley reveals the secret magic behind the tale with that starry eyed wonder we  INFPs own.  He is also the one with the faith in people and the truly religious feeling about life and people.

The story is based loosely on Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.


~ by nancyfenn on October 6, 2007.

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