Tarot Card Readings


Here are some testimonials from people who got TAROT CARD READINGS from me, Nancy R. Fenn.  Tarot card readings are currently offered at $1 a minute, 30 minute minimum.

Thank you, as before your reading is very helpful. Confirms my gut feelings.
Hello! How are you? I am sending a quick note to let you know xxx!! It all finally came together! Thanks for the encouragement you gave me Nov. 6th to keep plugging away with this!! It will be great …..


I’ve been meaning to thank you so much for the reading last Sat. It was a boost to my determination to keep going for my goals and dreams. I liked the part about using the fact I am overlooked at work to my advantage. I have thought of that part of the reading several times this week and it has really helped my attitude.

Again thanks. It was a boost to my spirits.

I enjoyed my reading today. I enjoyed your insight and approach. I am one who does need coaching – and I understood fully what you were saying. Thank you.

I look forward to another reading with you in the future –

[K in Washington, DC]


I can’t tell you how WONDERFUL things have been with me & Xxx since you helped me see clearly…it’s like it was years ago – only BETTER! This is SOOO wonderful!!! Thank you!!!! Xxx:)

[L in Birmingham]


From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I see now that getting a reading from you was one of the best ways I have ever spent money. I actually feel like my life has been changed and I have a new spiritual path to follow. Or maybe not new, but the way is much clearer. Some of your insights were so close to home, articulated as I couldn’t myself, that I actually teared up as I read it. You are doing a wonderful service and I bless you….

[A in Canada]


Oh, Nancy, these cards are awesome. I’ve felt really good lately. I have taken your advice and put it into practice. I’m so glad I am “on the money” about this – I’m so glad it is being reinforced in my reading. This is great – thank you so much for doing this for me – I always enjoy your readings and get so much out of them.

[JB in Atlanta]


I believe that was my last session? [She had signed up for coaching for one month.] … If so, you can be assured that I will do this again and again – in the not too distant future. As you probably know — your style of coaching is low key, but the results for myself have been amazing. I feel so totally motivated and excited about the starting of our business. I can see that it is my lead which will help motivate [the other person].

[52 year old hotel manager in Omaha, Nebraska]


Hey, Nancy, remember telling me that I’d be getting money at the end of May, as a special reminder from God that I have been faithful in holding fast through tough times? Well, it happened ….

[65 year old artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Nancy, just wanted to let you know having gone back to your reading and advice again a couple of times… it’s really all making sense and helping me enormously — thanks,
[47 year old graphic artist in Australia]


I’m delighted to be your student. Thank you for your tremendous kindness and caring.
[35 year old architectural engineer in Southern California, mother of two]


A friend, confidante, advisor and seer, Nancy has been invaluable to my recent personal and professional growth. I own my own business and recently have had to endure an unpleasant divorce, both of which, have presented me with numerous choices and decisions to make. Nancy has guided me again and again, with incredible insight and illumined righteousness. Thanks, in part, to my conversations with Nancy and her uncanny ability to KNOW me, my personal life has righted itself and my business has flourished. If anyone were to ask me, do you know of anyone I could talk to about this or that circumstance in my life, without reservation, I would tell to call Nancy R. Fenn.
[40 year old owner of a metaphysical supply business in California]


I have found that with your readings Nancy, (for me) things may not come to pass right away and at times they don’t seem like it is happening but the truth is you can see WAY more into the future than I could ever have understood or comprehended.
[35 year old single mother and Masters Degree candidate in Psychology in Monterrey, California]

Anyway, [the person he recommended for a reading] is into astrology, Tarot and is somewhat psych. I know she will love a reading and will love you as I do! You are such a special person and one dedicated to seeing that the world is made a better place by the sharing of your gifts! Thanks for making contact with me! I am m truly blessed!
[61 year old engineer in Oregon]

Thank you for all the wonderful and insightful sessions this past month — I really honor you and your work.
[forty-five year old architect in Washington, D. C.]

Thank you so much for all your efforts. I feel I am through the rockiest … I could not have done it without you. Blessings!
[legal secretary in San Mateo, California]

Last Thursday night was an absolute pleasure, and I must thank you for all the wonder and meaning of the evening. You were eloquent and engaging. I especially appreciated the candor and the philosophy of openness … with which you presented yourself. Often, I think, people are too scared to confront the concept of death and dying in their own hearts because their religious or cultural dictum has long since trained them to tune out their intuitive intelligence.
[college professor regarding speech on Death & Dying]

You seem to have a direct connection to some sort of energy that keeps your classes fresh, interesting and very meaningful.
[fity year old airport manager in the midwest]

Hey, I just downloaded your email “Are you searching for a positive new way to look at the events of Sept.11?” and will study it with my husband. Really good. Thank you for being my Guide and my Constant and Faithful Friend….”worth more than rubies”, as the Bible says. And you may quote me for your Comments by Clients
[sixty year old public relations expert in Phoenix, Arizona]

With Chiron in its own ruler in the tenth, I think you are more of a healer than you let on to be. I was just wondering about that …
[soon-to-be professional astrologer in the Maryland area]

My reply: Of COURSE I am a healer.

Yes your web site has a great flow to it, yes; as for being supportive to the individual, and offering a variety of helps and information and tutorials, I haven’t seen anything like it. I hope and trust it grows and maximizes in results that are truly due.
[thirty-eight year old systems analyst and computer graphic artist in San Diego, California]

As I read your messages, I realize more than ever you are intent on bringing forth the most accurate of reading and analyses, and am impressed with the critical nature of your work — that as you bring forth the information about the influences bearing on the events, it gives those less talented in your areas to take that information into their prayers and more specifically to bring them to Light…thank you, thank you….
[thirty-four year old professional photographer in Sacramento, California]

I think you would be proud of me. I think I finally got it. It came over me yesterday. You know how you can know something intellectually, but not understand it with your life. And when you finally understand it with your life, then you get it. Well I think I finally get it. I feel really different, much much calmer. Thank you for being so patient with me and explaining this over and over again. I think I finally got it.
[thirty four year old professional gambler in Florida]

Thank you so much for taking the time to go into such detail in response to my question! It was very, very helpful, and I do agree with what you have written. I do know these things about myself, and I agree that I have a major tendency to wear the rose-colored glasses where romantic relationships are concerned.
[thirty year old legal secretary in Indianapolis]

I just wanted you to know how much your ezines helped me this week at home …. [She goes on to expain a series of events during which she was doing the Full Moon Ritual suggested in my ezine and how it helped to move the energy around.]
[nurse anesthetist, Seatlle]’

… I do believe that you “guide” people more than anything …. Your ability to present the whole picture, the relationship of events and their significance at the moment and in the future is phenomenal.
[forty year old grant writer and humanitarian, Chicago]’

Thank you for understanding my skepticism at first. You have proved to me that you are a real person with genuine gifts. … Did I tell you that I think you are a gift from God to me?
[a woman who asked a free question from my website]

I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with [my pet’s] reading. My husband, who is not a big believer, was convinced the reading was accurate and thought it sounded just like her.
[pet reading for an adorable little terrier].

Wow — that email message is cool and it’s funny, since I saw you on Sunday, I am ready to move forward and find the love of my life.

I am so grateful to you. Thank you.
[forty year old entrepreneur in Escondido]
Nancy’s course has opened up whole new vistas for me. My life has changed subtly but definitively over the timespan of the course — it’s like I see things differently and am more aware of what’s going on. I’m more my own person. She has encouraged me to form my own opinions and to express them.

The course is beautiful organized and illustrated and sort of effortless to absorb. This is important as I’m a busy person. It is didactic but gentle, instructive yet entertaining. I think whatever your learning style is, you’ll learn learn from this course. I think that the multisensory, intuitive approach is very, very effective. I can’t wait for Monday mornings. I’ve never seen anything so beautifully illustrated and the pictures carry quite an impact, enforcing the lessons. At the same time, it’s warm and touching, and I’m encouraged to participate, respond and react, and be truly involved, so I feel connected and that greatly increases my ability to absorb the materials. I think she’s a genius with words and pictures, and a very gifted teacher. There isn’t anyone who couldn’t benefit from this course.

It must’ve given me some kind of special energy because during the span of the course people have told me some of the nicest things about myself I’ve ever heard in my 57 years on the planet. I’ve also gotten over the greatest hurdle of my life, the death of my son. I finally became able to lay this tragedy to rest and approach the remainder of my life with some sense of the goodness of life that had left me when he died. I now approach my life with hope and enthusiasm. Just read it. You’ll see.
[57 year old participant in Online Tarot Course … San Antonio]

I just wanted to thank you again for my reading last night. I received much insight into something I’ve been working with for 2 years now. My level of comprehension has risen and I am able to peek my eyes above water to see a bit more clearly.

I find it so helpful to have someone with your gifts aid me in my own understanding of what I sometimes intuitively feel but lose in the “reality” of it all.

I have told several friends about you and they will be calling.
[36 year old entrepreneur, Detroit]

I don’t know why, but everytime I get something from you I completely calm down and I am so thankful that you are a part of my life …. I look forward to you putting me back on track, you’re so good at that. I appreciate you more
than you can know.
[twenty-eight year old Las Vegas showgirl]

I had the coolest, liberating feeling on the freeway as I was driving to pick up my daughter after our appointment. I finally GOT IT!!! I think I finally got what you’ve been trying to tell me all this time. I haven’t been able to believe in myself and I was always fearful about the whole money thing. What a horrible way to feel…. [This is] a beginning. It’s the first step to letting go of fear.
[thirty five year old single mother, pursuing Masters in Psychology, San Diego]

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and the faith that you have that I will be happy and have success.

You’re much more than my reader/astrologer, you’re also a wonderful teacher and an inspiring example of a woman, as well as a friend. I thank the creator for having our path cross one another’s.
[thirty year old administrator in a nonprofit organization, Birmingham]

You absolutely amaze me. You are totally on the mark with your reading.

You said you see lung cancer and he tells me and my sister to expect him to die from that.

You said you see someone else besides my sister or I are driving him around. You are right about that….
[twenty-five year old legal secretary in Des Moines]

Thank you so much for a truly life-changing reading. For the past few months I have been dancing with the concept of the path you laid out for me with regard to …. I have been seeing it, however, as a “logical conclusion” to my situation in life. Now I see it as a spiritual resolution and part of a much Larger Story. It is so much easier to open my heart to the latter.
[fifty year old drama therapy coach in Marin County]

Thank you again for your wonderful insight. After speaking with you, my world always makes such better sense….
[thirty-five year old educator, New York City]

In that report you were 85% right about my life, I was very impressed. Time wise you were little bit off – I got divorced 2 years ago, however circumstances were exactly same as you described. … I was so shocked how on the target your report was.
[forty year old single mother of two, travel agent, Santee, California]

… Anyway, timing is everything [her call was returned immediately]. I needed to hear what you had to tell me when you told me and I am eternally grateful to you and God. I hope to be able to meet you one day. Spirit speaks through many varied voices. Clearly it was time for me to hear important messages through yours. I know these were things I already knew but get distracted by thought and deed. I feel increasingly that my path is clear and important. I put my faith in God that I will always be in the right place with the right people at the right time as long as I allow his light to shine through me.
[forty two year old human resources consultant, Chicago]

I’m a coach and I consult with Nancy. Nancy is the coaches’ coach. She has a genius for this business and an innate understanding I can only hope to approach some day. I sit at her feet hoping to soak up some of her wisdom. I said WISDOM.

I don’t know how she does it, but I’d sure like to learn it.

She can unravel a “problem” faster than anyone I know, and the more complex the problem, the faster she cuts through it.

One of her greatest gifts is the ability to come up with a metaphor that makes things crystal clear. I found that acquiring her easy vocabulary of symbolism moved me faster than any single thing I could have attained. I used to be very detailed oriented and I guess I got stuck there a lot.

You aren’t going to get this depth and breadth of help from most coaches out there today. They’ll give you a fish — i.e., give you a bandage for your current dilemma, but Nancy will teach you HOW TO FISH — give you knowledge and understanding that will benefit you for the rest of your life, and help you see how everything that happens has happened before, and how it all relates, AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

Nancy changed my life. How do you quantify the value of something like that? She said she would be there for me, and I found out that’s exactly what she does. I get what I need when I need it from Nancy. I recommend her highly.
[fifty-six year old coach in San Antonio]

Requested testimonial

The best way to describe Nancy’s coaching gifts, for me, is…’if you have ever felt like a ship being tossed about by the sea, in need of a guiding light to warn you of the encroaching shoreline….’ My ‘personal coach’ for more than 5 years, Nancy’s guidance is direct, honest, uplifting, positive, on the mark, and invaluable. She is always there, for the good, the bad and the ugly…a friend when you need a hug. She has the gift to calm, to warn, to teach, and is always seeking to guide you to a higher level of being.
[fifty-two year old administrator in an engineering firm, San Diego]

Just wanted to thank you again for the reading I had. It felt like the first time since xxx was born that all this pain stuff might be over. I could sense the difference in me almost immediately. An anxiousness had lifted away, especially concerning my relationship with sleep and why I can’t because of xxx.

Because you could hear how I felt, that helped xxx [the baby’s father] understand. He has been a different person. Funny how that works. I tell him and he doesn’t hear so well. A tape from you and it’s a whole different picture.

Anyway, it feels wonderful to begin to feel wonderful again.
[forty-year old new mother and teacher in northern California]

BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL! Really dazzling! [She had received a personal astrological update via email]. That is the ideal interjection for even the busiest of people – quick, inspiring, uplifting. AWESOME!

… and taking my personal astrologers advice, I must tell you that you are an inspiration of a woman! Words can cover it all… you’ve taught me so
much about becoming a woman.

Much much love!!!!!

You know, your ezines are just so wonderful. They are just stunning graphically. I love the choices of images that you use. It’s informative, brief and easy to read. You know, other people I know who are into the ezine thing, I keep sending them yours and saying (tactfully), “Look at this.”
[47 year old nationally acclaimed artist working out of Mission Hills]

Thank you, Nancy, for your time and accuracy. You hit the nail on the head, as they say. I needed to see myself from another’s point of view and yours was just the view. Thanks again.
[young housewife in Northern California who asked a free question off the website]

I think you saved my life the other day. I was distraught. I kept trying to calm myself down and I couldn’t, and I was so worried you were still on vacation. I calmed down immediately after I got your email. See you are my sanity. Glad you had a good vacation.


~ by nancyfenn on September 17, 2007.

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