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Phil Brown writes:

Although we usually think of Venus when we talk about love, Neptune relates to anything which causes our consciousness to overflow its normal ego boundaries. Neptune can be that “high” of falling in love and swimming in heart-currents…  Since Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998, there has been a surging trend in online dating and matchmaking sites. More and more people are meeting through Internet sites like eHarmony (founded in 2000) or and actually getting married as a result….

One short section of Microtrends is devoted to what Penn calls “Internet Marrieds.” The perception of online dating, he says, has changed and is now considered a very acceptable way for singles to meet. One in four singles, he writes, “use the 1,000 or more dating Web sites out there…The previous venues for finding mates…are being replaced by where the new generation is to be found—at the office, and on the Internet.” Penn notes that, so far, most marriages which grow out of Internet matches seem to be stronger than average.

We can probably look for Neptune’s passage through Aquarius to continue the merging of romance and DSL connections.

Visit for good online dating guidelines.


~ by nancyfenn on September 17, 2007.

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