Physics from the EQ Coach

EQ Physics

  1. What goes up must come down

  2. If you stuff down one emotion (like failing to grieve), you stuff them all down.  You can experience your pleasure only to the degree that you are willing to experience your sadness, anger, etc.. 

  3. The stasis thing – all things in motion seek equilibirum – therefore the AA’s stay in the middle emotionally, don’t get “too,” and Paul Pearsall, Ph.D., psychoneuroimmunology — if you get too excited and too happy, your body (for want of a better word) is going to pull you way down to get you back to the middle. (Depression after a big “success.”) 

  4. Sensitivity to initial conditions.

  5. If Train A leaves the station … does not exist in heaven!!

  6. Frogs boil to death (supposedly) when you start them out in cold water, because they “adjust,” they get used to it bit by bit, while if you dropped them in to a pot of boiling water, they would jump out, which they are capable of doing.  

  7. Entropy … order reverts to chaos.  The second Law of Thermodynamics.  Important to know about relationships.  If you don’t DO something, it will fall away.  More or less.  It is very hard to impart ORDER on things is sort of the gist of that one, as far as I could glean.  Ozymandias sort of thing …

  8. The experimenter effects the experiment.   The minute you turn your attention to it, you have changed it. 

  9. To “study” something changes the nature of it … at a basic level, opera is not to me now what it was 4 years ago. 

  10. Elastic collisions are the better sort of collision — when two objects meet and bounce off one another, without harm to either.

  11. Things in a rear view mirror are closer than they appear!

  12. The faster its going, the worse the collision.

  13. Some guy just told me the other day, re: the NASCAR traffic in Dallas, that if you’re going bumper-to-bumper at 70 mph and get rear-ended, you’ll be fine.  If you get “clipped,” no.

  14. Planes take off into the wind, and land into the wind.

  15. Change your tack just one degree (in a boat) and you’ll end up on another continent.

  16. And yeah, something under pressure will burst.  Let the steam out slowly?   

 Words of wisdom from Susan Dunn, the EQ Coach


~ by nancyfenn on September 15, 2007.

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