Sample Saturn Ascendant Report

This is your Saturn Cycle Report.  It is for an anonymous client.  If you’d like the next 30 years broadly mapped like this, please contact me for this $100 reading that will be your guide in days ahead.


Saturn first crosses the Ascendant at 13 degrees of Virgo September 13, 2008.  At that time you will take on a whole new personality.  This is not a new soul or spirit.  That’s impossible.  This refers to the “persona” or personality which is a changeable resource like changing your hairstyle, lifestyle or wardrobe.  The universe schedules us to do this every thirty years though at different starting times for each person.


In preparation for this, the angels and guides helped you shape a new vision for your life with new dreams and long range plans beginning when Saturn entered your 11th house at 14 degrees of Cancer June 17, 2004 thru August 17, 2006.


To prepare for this, Saturn then entered the 12th house at 16 degrees of Leo August 17, 2006 and stays there til September 13, 2008, clearing out all the old things that are obstacles to the new.  This is known as a major housecleaning and for you it has been major on steroids I would imagine as you have a packed 12th house.


Try to get in touch with the things that were drifting through your mind between June 17, 2004 and August 17, 2006.  It is a  dual process of gradually losing interest in what has gone before – the way you were for the last 44 years – and glimpses, inklings and clairvoyant pictures of how it could be, the new you.  You are very psychic and intuitive while less clairvoyant so perhaps there were dreams or messages in nature, the I Ching, Tarot or other ways you access your intuition.


The process began in August 17, 2006 for the universe to clear up anything between you and becoming the person you now wanted to become.  It is an isolating transit as there is much inner work to be done and the energy belongs there (inside) rather than in the outer world.  The usual recommendations are to take time for seclusion, take a retreat, get psychic readings, go within.


With a packed 12th house, this means major family issues.  You are the Chosen One or Special Child in your family, perhaps the black sheep, to break out of some very stagnant, outmoded and not vital family patterns.  Family issues likely involve mental health, perhaps some breakdowns or schizophrenia, people who are afraid to use their talents and so live lives that eat away at their vitality like T. S. Eliot’s J. Alfred Prufrock, “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” (a coffee spoon in 1911 was considerably smaller than a teaspoon).  Your role in the family might be to break free and take life in big gulps!  It might also be to achieve peace of mind, mental stability and a life sans substance abuse.


Your chart is about a meaningful inner life.  There is a road to greatness within and by pursuing it you also avoid to road to madness.  I speak poetically.  Open your mind.  Acknowledge your genius.  Commune with the greats of all ages (literature, art, music).  Live boldly with your mind and outwardly follow a Renaissance path.   Travel.  Become expert at many things.


While Saturn crosses over your Sun, Uranus, Venus and Pluto in the 12th, it may bring the removal of obstacles to your mental stability or allow you to create boundaries against everyone else’s problems so you can grow an attractive garden of your own.


It is trying and difficult to have Saturn on the inner planets, Sun and Venus.  There can be a lot of amorphous pressure and stress so the general rule is to keep outer responsibilities to the minimum and get as much sleep as you can.  This, too, shall pass.  If you let your natural anxiety couple with this extra stress it could bring on a condition such as chronic fatigue, inability to concentrate or just plain “nervous wreck”.  Sleep is the great panacea for this transit.  Don’t worry.  When it’s over and Saturn crosses your Ascendant you’ll have access to all the new energy and will be glad you conserved your energy while it was low.  Saturn on the Sun is especially known as a 30-year low in energy.


A major turn will happen when Saturn touches your North Node in 15 degrees of Virgo September 29, 2008 thru October 7, 2008.  Put a big star on your calendar for those days.   We give Saturn three months on either side of a direct hit and it will cross over that point two more times, April 11 to May 6, 2009 and May 27 thru June 22, 2009.  During one of those time periods a life changing inner or outer event should occur.  Then you are launched for sure!  It has something to do with ending the sacrifices for others and becoming your own cause celebre.


Saturn will enter the 2nd house at 7 degrees of Libra from September 24, 2010 to November 26, 2012.  You have gotten to know yourself better and will now reexamine your values.  If you are not earning a living doing something you consider meaningful, your career will change from duress or inner pressure, getting fired or laid off if you are really unconscious to these issues.  Look to money issues at this time as well.


Saturn enters the 3rd house at 6 Scorpio from November 26, 2012 to December 22, 2015.  This is an expansive time when you begin to explore the world around you for new ideas and opportunities that will further the new you.  You share more of your plan with others, maybe make new friends and find people who believe in you.  This is a stressful time so watch your mental health.


Saturn enters the 4th house at 10 Sagittarius from December 22, 2015 to January 23, 2019.  This is a time when seeds are planted for a new 14-year career cycle.  It is called the dark night of the soul because you get deeply in touch with heritage and soul issues.  Then it’s “all up from there”.  This is time to pay attention to home base, family, children, spouse and others you depend on when there are rough seas out there.  This could be a challenging transit for you because it includes your Saturn Return where you must deal with deep family issues that are karmic.  Lay them to rest now.


Saturn enters the 5th house at 14 Capricorn January 23, 2019 to February 5, 2022.  This is a time of renewed creativity where you find new ways to put the new you out there.  It goes well with your Leo Sun.  It should be a busy, happy time for you.


Saturn enters the 6th house at 16 Aquarius February 5, 2022 thru March 27, 2024.  This is a time to get the bugs out of your daily routine, health, lifestyle and career track.  It’s a time to pay attention to the details of your life.

Saturn enters the 7th house at 13 Pisces March 27, 2024 thru April 13, 2026.  This is a time when all your relationships are challenged as a way of testing the halfway mark of the new person you’ve become.  Suddenly people have to see you very differently or say bye bye.


Saturn enters the 8th house at 7 degrees of Aries April 13, 2026 thru February 17, 2029.  This is a time that challenges power and inner resources.  You have to get investments in order and end or deepen bonded relationships if they survived the 7th house transit.


Saturn enters the 9th house at 6 degrees of Taurus February 17, 2029 thru July 28, 2033.  This time period is to review the purpose of the success you are seeking.  Your harvest cycle is coming next, the culmination of your 14 year climb to the career top.  Take stock of who you have become and why.  Rest and prepare for a very busy harvest beginning July 28, 2033.


Beginning July 28, 2033 thru September 30, 2035, two years of harvest, busy activity, reaping the rewards of all that you sowed when Saturn was in the 4th house.  Share the harvest.  Take on an apprentice.


September 30, 2035 the process repeats as you begin to get a new vision of who you might become preparing for Saturn to again cross the Ascendant October 26, 2037.


~ by nancyfenn on September 8, 2007.

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