Senator Craig Charged with Many Things

A few words on Senator Craig’s behalf.   I know from reading for so many thousands of different people — it is very hard to be outside the norm.  Those who fall squarely into the hetero/house/three kids/ dog and two cars for life category will n e v e r know!  This is supposing that the Senator is indeed gay or at least likes lewd public sex with guys.

Imagine Senator Craig as a young man dreaming of being in the senate someday.  How could he possibly make all this work back then?  He had no choice but to split in two, to fulfill the voters’ image while meeting his other needs as he could.

Senator Craig tried to present the right package so he could get his lifework done in the Senate, even apparently incorporating a ready-made family.  (Suzanne had three children from a previous marriage whom he helped raise.)

I feel a lot of sympathy for this man.  I hope gay marriage and other forms of enlightenment continue to grow so that this type of pain can be avoided, for him, his family and his otherwise fine reputation.


~ by nancyfenn on August 30, 2007.

One Response to “Senator Craig Charged with Many Things”

  1. Hi. Thanks for being one of the sane voices out here in cyberspace. I just wrote a long essay about this:

    Here it is.

    A little compassion is so, so, so important.

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