The Perfect Career for an INTJ

From 47 year old INTJ Leonard.  He’s really got it nailed.

MY world is defined by ME each and every day. I am an extremely successful (now wealthy) real estate appraiser. The work fits me like a glove (70 to 80 hour work weeks are common). I find myself doing a different task each and every day that requires research and technical writing to complete.

I work alone, I eat alone and drive miles and miles alone in my car thinking about life. I love it!

I meet people often that interest me and have a good “talk” with them only to never have see them again. I have been married to the same person for 24 years and my three daughters have all grown to be independent and capable thinking adults

WHEW!!! I have to admit that I LOVE being an INTJ. It rocks! and I make a a lot of dough.

Nancy’s Note:  This is such a refreshing email.  See how Leonard has defined his own career to fit the needs of his personality.  It takes some time and effort (and no whining) but it sure pays off on every level.


~ by nancyfenn on August 29, 2007.

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