from the “Cold and Unemotional INTJ”

I was getting an oil change for my car today and I walked into the waiting area:) Get this, the TV was off and the five other people waiting on their cars were also reading books and other periodicals:) A true solitary/introvert moment.

Anyway, I eventually began talking with a young man who was in the home stretch(< 100 pgs) of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. He was having his Saturn checked and I told him just to live with the bad IP light and just listen carefully to the engine for any possible changes.

Anyway, he played football at a local high school(class of 2007, 6’ 1″ and 275 lbs) and he made, IMO, a smart decision to bypass a football scholarship(apparently, he had nibbles) and attend OSU on a business scholarship:)

He is working until he starts school and several of the people who work with him thought he was about 25 or 27(he could afford do to trim a little(he does have a little chin droop) and I told him that a vegan diet would help him to lose weight and get in even better chape.

Anyway, I asked him to guess my age; he thought I was 29! He was shocked when I told him that he was 29 years and three months my junior(he turns 19 in late November):) Now, here is the fun part:)

I asked him if he thought I could pass for a high school student–he said yes. He said that I have a young-looking face; he was also surprised when I told him that I buy my pullover shirts off the boys(6 – 20) rack.

I told him that I had read the final Harry Potter book and that I am going to attempt my own screen adaptation. We both have been less-than-impressed with the movies.

Get this, he came back to talk to me(he was looking for a misplaced key

ring) even after his car was finished:) I verbally gave him my e-mail address and told him he better get going before somebody complains:)

I am suspecting that he had some difficulty believing that I am almost 48.

But, it was nice to see all the solitary/introvert types in the majority for once:)


~ by nancyfenn on August 2, 2007.

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