Filipina INTJ Shares Some Special Words

Finding this website is such a gift. When I first took the MBTI and found out I was an INTJ, I was somewhat comforted and then disappointed. I have always felt alienated from others, my thinking style explains it. The disappointment stems from me growing up as the only female filipina in my home town and wanting to connect with others in some way.I have come to the realization that God has made me this way for some reason. However, my struggles have become more pronounced working in a very political health care environment. Working with women who are predominantly feelers and being an intj, politics are not my cup of tea.

I have found that my uniqueness has helped me become highly successful in my field that Im able to connect well with Upper Executives of organizations and owners of companies. It has been challenging working with people who don’t think as I do and I get tired of just not fitting in and being the person accommodating others. I learned to cope with my differences by watching movies and reading to understand myself better and taming my very high “and “T” and “J” side of me.

Seeing that there are other female intj’s is very comforting. I think we all have a gift to the world with our perspective in life. I’m taking the risk and conjuring up the courage to fully express my intj way of thinking as I believe we are human alchemists in the making.

I too have many thoughts going through my head at once where I can mull over several concepts and facts that would lead to new concepts and ways of seeing things. This society in the US does not value introversion and not necessarily intuition. However, we live in a society that needs people like us to make it a better place. We are the type of people who make paradigm shifts happen in the world. We are the type of people who makes a difference if we let go of our critical way of seeing things and analyze things to make life better for others. Our strong observation skills helps us see things other don’t. Our ability to see patterns and trends makes us the visionaries that others envy. Sometimes we see and say things before our time. I have done that many of times in my career, and everything I said came to fruition. So fellow INTJ’s embrace who you are, learn how to maneuver gracefully in this crazy western society that we live in, and conjure up the courage to be who you are to make a difference. I truly believe the world needs us…certainly more than ever. God made us 1% of the population for a reason….I truly believe, for a very very special reason.

Many prayers and thoughts to my fellow INTJ’s.


~ by nancyfenn on July 29, 2007.

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