From a Perceptive INFP Reader – Is Mark Philippoussis an Introvert?

I have been watching streaming video of the reality series ‘Age of Love’ and it is clear to me that Mr. Mark Phillopoussis(a well-known Australian tennis player) is DEFINITELY an introvert and this show appears to be taking its toll on him emotionally. And, IMO, none of the women are really perfect for him. He has tried to make a comeback, but injuries have been a problem

Here is the setup: Mark is 30 and is ‘dating ‘ a group of 13 women(6 are 40 somethings and 7 are 20 somethings). Each week, he has to send 2 women(one from each age group) home. The ‘last one standing’ will supposedly be the right one for him.

As you can guess, several of the women who have been eliminated have bawled on camera(though two 40-somethings told Mark to either ‘step it up’ or they would leave voluntarily). He also has very expressive eyes.

In fact, the only idividual he seems to be completely comfortable with is his companion animal (though the children from the one ep seemd to make him feel really comfortable).

Asuuming I am reading his facial expressions and eyes correctly, I suspect he probably feels like he is drowning in a pool and these women are becoming extremely pushy and manipulative.

It makes me wonder what would happen if I could time travel and show Mr. Phillopoussis what would happen if he were to take part in ‘Age of Love’; I usupect he would probably want to withdraw.

Based on what I have read, he has never been a ‘party animal’ and he appears to be so uncomftortable with the premise (I am waiting to see if he actually cries on camera–he has come close.)

He also speaks in the flat tones that we solitaries/introverts tend to use. The host is very clearly an extrovert and I question whether he understands the visible hurt and pain that this is causing Mark (and also the women) as it continues.

I almost wish that I could have orbed to the show just after production was finished and, just like for that young man at the theater, give Mark and understanding shoulder for a good cry.


~ by nancyfenn on July 24, 2007.

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