23 Year Old INTJ – “I’ve always felt like everyone else was an idiot.”

People would call me arrogant and tactless because I don’t like to waste my time with social niceties. When I greet people I just say hello and get down to business and when we finish a job they want to be taken out for ice cream and given a pat on the back. Good job I guess but in the grand scheme of things this one little project doesn’t mean anything.

I’ve always felt elitist and bad about it – like everyone else is an idiot. Common sense isn’t as common as I would hope; take all the idiot drivers on the road or the groups of people that herd up and walk slow preventing anyone else from getting around in the hallways. I don’t get upset over people not knowing facts about random pieces of literature but I get mad at people who are just plain oblivious to the world around them.

I had incredibly low self esteem as a child. I kept to myself and was told that I was pretty much a loser. I came out in college and my convictions and ideas about the world were so strong that I decided I wanted to be a politician. Is this a normal “areer choice” as an INTJ? I’ve held about 20 jobs since I was 16. I usually quit when there’s nothing new about it. I’ve done everything from bar tending to SQL databases.

I have many acquaintances but I only make an effort to stay close to a few. I have made it a strong point to greatly improve my interpersonal skills because I want to run for office someday but I don’t really feel close to people. If I lose contact with someone I rarely notice. Breakups seem to be pretty easy for me – if the relationship is ended by either of us it just wasn’t meant to be and I move on with life. I’ve been called many nasty things because people think I’m just down right cold. I wonder what it would be like to date someone so similar – has anyone dated a fellow INTJ?

It is very reassuring to read about people similar to myself. To anyone else who thinks they are weird – don’t. Our open minds and ability to get anything done efficiently is vital to any organization.


~ by nancyfenn on July 23, 2007.

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