Brad Pitt had Pluto on His Sun


If you’d like to see the magnitude of change that can come when Pluto transits the Sun, think of the recent changes in Brad Pitt’s life.  Before that, he had Pluto crossing his Ascendant.

Brad’s Saturn is in Aquarius so adopted children (ruled by Aquarius) are very good karma for him and of course with all that Capricorn, he loves being a dad!  Brad’s North Node is in Cancer, so he really loves being a mom, too. 

Brad has his North Node in the 7th house so a marriage with a lot of responsibility is important for his personal growth.  I mentioned in another article that he has NO aspects to his Sun.  This is exceedingly rare and may be one reason he is so at home acting.  His sense of self is quite transparent on the one hand and deeply buried on the other so that playing different parts  gives him some outlet for self expression.


~ by nancyfenn on July 21, 2007.

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