Introverts Survey on Communication


Q: Has anyone ever been impatient with your communication or accused  you of speaking too slowly?
A:   yes

Q:  Please comment on communication in genera.
A:  Mostly this would happen in my birth family situation. Sometimes though, I feel like people are finished listening before I even get a chance to explain what I mean. It’s almost as if they have a time limit for listening! Of course, this has nothing to do with my being able to communicate in a precise, concise meaningful manner, because I am perfectly capable to do so. It just takes an occasional pause between the words. I told someone from NY City once that they were listening too fast! Gee…what’s the hurry, anyhow?

Q:  Please comment on family speech habits and patterns.
A:  Of course we were not allowed to pass! Dinner time at my birth family’s home was like being at a feeding frenzy with 5 active magpies all trying to out do each other verbally in order to get attention and one very silent sparrow who became so imploded with the frantic energy of others that she often ran from the table in either panic or to throw up.

Q:  Please comment on the ideal nvironment for communication.
A:  I remember the first time this happened it took me by surprise. Really, I had time to speak, others were listening, and I could say what I needed to say and could actually do so for as long as necessary in order to say it. Actually that first time was quite unnerving for I had not had the experience before. I find myself with a long term pattern of trying to hurry with the speech, a process that only makes me stutter, flounder, and dance around my main point. When someone is really listening attentively, I have to silently remind myself that it is OK to speak! One thing I have learned though in my 58 years on this planet is that people will listen attentively when you are asking them questions about themselves. They cannot always pay attention though when an opinion is different, you share something in your life that is strange to their experience, or you may be presenting new information.

Q:  Do you prefer writing to speaking?
A:  yes

Q:  Please comment.
A:  I prefer written communication 100% more than verbal! I can take my time, arrange the words into logical order, and there is no one immediately present making me hurry with my thoughts. It has a ring of authenticity to it. My extroverted siblings as a rule do not like my written communication when it is about business matters however because it is precise and to the point. My empowerment comes through in written communcation whereas it is not always present in the verbal communication. I have learned though to speak from my power center and use as few words as possible. It seems to be more affective way of verbally communication with extroverts.

Q:  Have you ever seen the way you like to communicate depicted in a book, movie or plau?
A:  I have not thought about this really. Perhaps I could say that a communication mentor would be James Earl Jones. I like the tone of this voice. But more than that, it has a precise quality which seems to originate from the true essence of the man himself. His history is quite interesting though. He was a stutterer when he was a child; conversation was difficult and brought him many harsh experiences. Once though a teacher in school demanded of him that he stand in front of the class and either recite or read a poem. Of course, his emotional level was over the top just thinking about this. He tried his best to get out of this experience, but the teacher was insistent as well as helpful. However, as he got into the middle of this poem something clicked inside of himself. He found his verbal power center and realized that he could speak this way the rest of his life. And of course, he is renound for his voice. I love his story; he is inspirational. We all have a communicative power center…it just a matter of discovering it.

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