Second Saturn Return for Lord Black and Lady MacBeth, Barbara Amiel


Lady Black’s Chart above

Lord Black’s Chart below


The second Saturn Return [payback time] began badly for Lord Black and his wife Barbara Amiel.  She could be compared to Lady MacBeth.  They married about 15 years ago, her for the fourth time, him for the second.Lord Black was convicted yesterday (July 10, 2007) in Chicago of fraud and racketeering charges which is understandable.  It’s just too bad Barbara Amiel couldn’t be convicted, too!  Women’s lib will really have come full circle when it becomes illegal to drive a man to ruin.

Let’s take a look at Amiel’s character as described by the UK’s Independent.According to the UK’s Independent, “The lifestyle and shopping habits, the arrogance and the personal insecurity of the former Miss Amiel, now Lady Black of Crossharbour, was a constant sub-plot of the complex story that ended yesterday with her husband’s conviction for fraud….  

The extent to which Amiel … is claimed to have benefited from the alleged wholesale looting of Hollinger International’s finances [Black’s publicly held company] was set out this week in a 500-page report by a special committee established to investigate the affair.  ‘One of the reasons the money was needed,’ the report said, was to ‘satisfy the liquidity needs arising for the personal lifestyle Black and his wife had chosen to lead’.The report continues.  “These choices included the purchase or lease of two corporate jets, a $530,000 (£295,000) holiday in French Polynesia, a $2,463 handbag, exercise equipment at $2,083, opera tickets for $2,785, a “birthday party for Barbara” at New York’s La Grenouille restaurant costing $42,870, contributions to the salaries of a chef, senior butler, guard and chauffeurs at their homes in London, New York and Florida, perfume, food, shopping trips for Amiel and cash for tips on such shopping trips.”

Apparently Barbara has made public comments about her extravagance before, including an autobiography in which she claims she suffered a slight as a teenager.  Her father abandoned the family and she was raised in very different circumstances than the ones she enjoyed with Lord Black.

The Guardian profiles her as follows: “ Born in Watford in 1940, she was eight when her parents divorced after her father left for another woman. Her mother remarried, moved the family to Canada and settled in Hamilton, Ontario. When her stepfather had trouble finding a job, however, relationships at home became rocky, and at 14 Amiel struck out on her own.  A year later her natural father killed himself back in Britain.  Her troubled background is cited by many as a reason for her toughness today….”

Sandra Laville of The Guardian descries Amiel as follows:  “It is Amiel’s combination of intelligence, beauty and sex appeal – which she uses as a form of direct action – which has contributed to her success both in society circles and professionally. ‘If she sits next to someone at dinner and she decides she wants to please, there’s no one more brilliant than her,’ said one hapless man.  ‘She fixes those great green eyes on you and the rest is history. It is an amazing performance.’  Many of her friends cite female rivalry as a reason for much of the criticism of 63-year old Amiel.   ‘It is women who label her a man’s woman, the subtext is that she is drop-dead gorgeous,’ said Andrew Roberts, the rightwing historian and close friend of Amiel.  ‘She is fiercely attractive, she is as sexy as hell and she presumably knows it. I certainly know it.’”…

What can we see in Barbara’s chart?  We don’t have the birth time but the immediate factor is Saturn in Taurus.  This is often a sign of an impoverished childhood leading to very low self esteem.  It also accents the overweening ambition and greed possible of Taurus.  Hitler is an example.  Remember, Scorpio gets the bad name but Taurus can be far guiltier.  Combined with an Aquarius Moon and Aries South Node this person could be utterly ruthless as well as greedy.  By the way, many a gal with Saturn in Aries or in this case South Node in Aries strikes out on her own at 14 or 15, often through pregnancy  but any excuse to get out of the house is used. 

Barbara also has Saturn opposite Venus/Mars so this is a classic case of overcompensation for feelings of low self esteem and unattractiveness or unloveableness.  There may  be spite involved as well, as though putting notches on her belt will make up for her father leaving her.  She could be cold blooded about this.  We can be fairly certain Barbara uses her sex appeal like a machete, hacking her way to the top. 

There is a fixed Grand Cross between 6 planets giving Amiel’s life the scope and determination it had.  This is a world conqueror just as though it were Hitler.  She just used the tools at hand since she was a woman not a man.  The body count now includes Lord Black. 

Lord Black’s chart has had Pluto making a Tsquare to his long Stellium of planets in Virgo.  They include the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars at this moment and soon Neptune.  Barbara represented a Plutonic force of destruction as she came into his life to undo him or so it would seem. 

It is a shame because Lord Black could have left a fine legacy.  All those planets are in Virgo and the Sun is conjunct Jupiter which in Virgo, usually is the indication of honesty and integrity. Lord Black’s Saturn in Cancer may have made him vulnerable to a woman who used him under the guise of love.


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