A Planned Community … for Introverts!

A Planned CommunitFor Introverts!
by Hermit  Loner
Guest Author at www.theintrovertzcoach.com

Welcome to my dream!

Imagine, a community created by and for introverts.

What would it be like?

Above all, it would be QUIET.  No one would ever blast music, radio or TV loudly enough to disturb his neighbors.   No one would ever host a loud party with noisy people and children running around until midnight or later.   And certainly, no one would EVER have a screaming match with his spouse so that everyone could hear it.

Boomboxes and loud car stereos would be banned. Loud CARS would be banned. Chances are, though, the ban wouldn’t even be necessary because no one in THIS community would even WANT anything so disruptive to the peace and serenity of the neighborhood.

People would be friendly without being intrusive. No one would ever dream of invading a neighbor’s quiet time. A friendly “hello” would suffice for conversation. If someone wanted to talk, he or she would ask “Is this a good time? May I talk with you?” and if the answer was a polite “No, thank you, not right now” no offense would be taken.

Everyone would have a computer and access to email. No one would ever take it personally if a neighbor preferred email to talking on the phone or in person. Small talk simply would not happen. It would never be expected.

Perhaps there would be the occasional community party or get-together, but there would never be pressure to attend, or unpleasant social consequences for not attending. These gatherings would be low-key and relaxing, instead of frantic and draining.

Imagine, what a relief, to come home from a long day out in the extrovert world to a home in a community where no one would disturb your privacy, no one would intrude, you could recharge your batteries in peace.   How wonderfully civilized!

Imagine if your home could truly be the refuge that you’d like it to be, an escape from the incessant noise and activity of the extrovert world.   Doesn’t this sound great?

What would YOUR introvert community be like?  Write hermit_loner@yahoo.com

~ by nancyfenn on July 6, 2007.

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